Electric Tron Lightcycle

Electric Tron Lightcycle

Parker Brothers created street legal electric version of futuristic motorcycle from the TRON Legacy movie.

Powered by 96volt electric motor and Lithium Ion batteries, the lightcycle is equipped with hubless wheels and bright LED lights.

Full Scale Electric Tron Lightcycle

Real Lightcycle

Tron Motorcycle


Tron Lightcycle


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  1. Ninja Egg :D


  2. coltrane

    looks pretty uncomfortable imo

  3. Lilia Smiles

    Is it comfortable to be sitting like that? But other than that the motorcycle looks awesome!

  4. Kei

    I prefer bicycle
    faster and more comfortable lol

  5. MAD

    ^ But not as awesome!

  6. Master Oche

    Coooool, I WANT ONE!!!!!!

  7. karen ho fatt

    I happened to be watching Tron the other night. Cool movie. Pretty cool bike too!

  8. Kevin


  9. Darrell

    Its so slow! I t would be awesome to see this thing weaving through traffic in the middle of the night.. but it looks like its top speed is 10 mph. disappointing.

  10. woops

    I hope that guy doesn’t plan on having kids…

  11. > spielt mit

    Wooow, real cool. To complete the picture the helmet would need also lightning.

  12. Dominic


  13. rickity split

    as an ex employee, I know this is not street legal and does not turn and is VERY uncomfortable, you must be in push-up position all the time. Doesn’t get up to street speed either

  14. Rehan

    Excellent!!! I want one. Whats the cost…

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