Grown Shoes

Grown Shoes

Innovative shoes designed and made using the natural properties of bacterial cellulose to weave strong and lightweight hybrid materials.

Science and technology researcher Jen Keane manipulates the growing of k. rhaeticus bacteria and uses it in the process of microbial weaving.

“This is Grown” shoes created with new digital and biological tools are designed and grown to shape with little or no wastage.

“The upper is grown in a single piece with no sewing and one continuous yarn held into place by the cellulose produced by the bacteria.”

Jen Keane

Grown Shoe

Microbial Weaving Shoes

This is Grown

Jen Keane Grown Shoes

This is Grown

This is Grown Shoe

This is Grown Shoes

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  1. Stuart Halliday

    Early days, but promising.

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