14 Most Creative Wedding Rings

14 Most Creative Wedding Rings

Modern wedding rings and creative ring designs from all over the world.

Double Band Ring

Handmade sterling silver ring with a hand brushed hammered finish.

Double Band Ring

Barcode Rings

Creative barcode rings collection by Pippa Knowles jewellery.

Barcode Rings

Hidden Diamond Ring

With a gentle yet firm outward pull from both sides, the ring opens to reveal the diamond.

Hidden Diamond Ring

Gold Ring Watch

It is a gold watch, ring, and necklace all in one. Beautiful design made for the fans of gold engagement rings.

Gold Ring Watch

Sushi Ring

Bento jewelry by Carolyn Tille features realistic pieces of sushi.

Sushi Ring

Soap Ring

Unique rings designed by Nancy Wu disappear when they are used.

Soap Ring

Periodic Table Rings

Clever periodic rings from ITSNONAME are available in silver, gold, and platinum. Platinum wedding rings feature corresponding metal’s atomic number and weight.

Periodic Table Rings

Ethernet Rings

Cat 5 compliant wedding rings set, each ring is made to order.

Ethernet Rings

Meringue Rings

Designed to look just like a little meringue by German designer Tanja Hartmannby.

Meringue Rings

Cocktail Glass Ring

Unique ring designed by Frida Jeppsson for the Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Awards.

Cocktail Glass Ring

Ring Sight

Now you can increase your “handgun” aim with a ring sight.

Ring Sight

Zip Tie Ring

Contemporary sterling silver zip tie ring comes with matte finish.

Zip Tie Ring

Binary Ring

Custom made binary wedding ring. The inscription reads: 01001010 01010011.

Binary Ring

Book Ring

Unusual ring design by Ana Cardim looks like a miniature book.

Book Ring

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  1. frith and inle

    Book ring! A bit impractical, but absolutely cute n__n

  2. MochiPu

    truly unusual & too creative :D hahaha
    i bet no one would wear those on their wedding *grin*

  3. KaRi

    I like the barcodes!

    That top middle ring though.. imagine sideswiping
    some peanutbutter with that one. So much detail!

  4. Trudy

    Wow, I really like the periodic table, binary code and book ring. I guess I am dork. Hehe.

  5. Ambuj Saxena

    Come on…”Ring Sight” isn’t a Wedding Ring. In fact most rings in this list can’t be used as wedding rings.

  6. Erick bas

    yeah!! Ring Sight jajaja

  7. chelseafcrox

    yeah i wouldnt really call them ‘wedding’ rings, but theyre still sweet!

  8. moburkhardt

    are there any rules for what a ring must have in order to qualify as “wedding”?

  9. jharna

    the binary ring the code on it comes out to to be 19027 in decimal. any idea why specifically this no on a wedding ring?
    i’m curious to know…

  10. wtyang24

    i love the periodic one :D prolly work best with chemists and chemistry teachers though

  11. gary birnie

    I think the title to this post is a bit misleading. I really like most of the rings (book one in particular) but these are not wedding rings.

  12. Karin Stewart

    Very creative ring designs that mostly, I think, would apeal to the under ’25’set, which is fine! If I have a diamond on my wedding ring, I’m not going to hide it, though. Glad to see all the creativity. Some would be good choices for men to wear!

  13. tech-mad

    the cocktail glass ring is almost a hazard!

  14. Steve

    The book ring sounds cool

  15. electreau

    The one made of soap would be perfect for people with commitment issues!

  16. Gumball


    its “JS” their initials.

  17. Michael Sauers

    I have one that’s got morse code on it.

  18. Aik

    These are way too cute! I think the Hidden Diamond Ring is good!

  19. Jasen

    The hidden diamond ring is incredible.

  20. lily

    luv the 011000101001 one

  21. Swapna

    My friend rejected all of the above. Some people don’t like uniqueness huff…. :)

  22. subcorpus

    creative stuff here …
    i like the hidden gem item …
    am gonna check it out … now … :)

  23. delere

    Ok these are mostly not wedding rings. Hmmm…Let’s make anything really small (except the martini glass) and put a ring on it and call it a creative ring. Pa..leezzzz.

  24. Phaoloo

    Love the sushi rings, they make bride and groom hungry and maybe they remind them about their partner whenever they eat.

  25. Mika

    I kinda like the idea of the binary one, simply because I’m getting married Oct 1st, 2011…100111..binary right there! lol

  26. s

    i like Barcode Rings.original and beautiful

  27. maaku

    i like the binary ring and the bar code ring :D

  28. Allison Rizk

    Once my man proposes, I’m going to get him the bar code wedding band. Proof of Purchase, baby! :-)

    These are awesome! I want to see more-

  29. vishal

    Rather than creative , these are funny (i think)

  30. masoud

    very nice

  31. HUGH

    I think most designs are simply artists expressing their skills.
    I can’t see great financial benefit in most of these rings

  32. Vencent.S

    Ethernet Rings is a very interesting idea.

  33. yomi sopein


    i not gonna marry my wife any of this ring, although they are great designs….

  34. shanan tendulkar

    I loved the periodic table ring….
    thats a great idea……awesome………

  35. ChEeSe

    okay so if these are supposto be for weddings then its super stupid cause a wedding is not a joke i understand it might be the best day of your life but still…. i think the soap ones and the book and the periodic table and the barcode and all the other ones were silly:) i think a wedding should represent the mature side of you and not the silly. i honesty think these people are weird. but thats just my opinion and PLZ NO RUDE COMMENTS!! thanks;)

  36. Bo Kalvslund

    I’ll agree these rings are more in the humoristic field of life – wedding is serious but should be joyfull too. However this could be an opportunity to get a ring if you really don’t like the idea of wearing it all the time. Especially the soap ring – it will soon be over..

  37. 0803060.e

    the barcode ring looks kool its unique! .. the hidden Diamond ring is nice too

  38. Jonas

    I think the barcodes are pretty cute ^^

  39. Alexa

    We both are kinda geeky and we chose to have binary wedding rings. They contain each other’s name in binary :) I love the idea…I personally don’t think it’s silly, it really represents us! The rings will be in white gold and I can’t wait to see them…ordered them just yesterday!

  40. zaynmalik

    Meragne rings! AMAZINGGG

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