Liquid Light

Liquid Light

Unique and creative lamps designed by California based artist Tanya Clarke.

Hand sculpted “water drops” are illuminated by LED lights. The base of each lamp was created out of recycled pipes and valves.

Liquid Light by Tanya Clarke

Liquid Lamps by Tanya Clarke

Liquid Lamp by Tanya Clarke

Lights by Tanya Clarke



Liquid Lamp

Tanya Clarke

Liquid LED by Tanya Clarke

Lamp by Tanya Clarke

Liquid Lights

Lamps by Tanya Clarke

Tanya Clarke Liquid Light

Tanya Clarke Liquid Lights

Light by Tanya Clarke

Liquid Lamps

Liquid Lights by Tanya Clarke

Liquid LED

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    It’s seems like a great conversation starter

  2. kadal

    oooo i love this

  3. Shante

    I’m sorry, but they look like used condoms to me lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Liz

    They remind me too much of snot for me to enjoy them T^T But they really are beautiful, otherwise.

  5. plan-9

    @shante: exactly, that was my thoughts about it when i saw it first time, used condoms.

  6. Gert

    Lets all say it together… novelty item…

  7. mi

    I would use them over my bed. They are different….I like them.

  8. danis

    Прикольненько. Такой светильник я бы повесил.

  9. Douglas

    Used condoms? How often do you see…never mind. Whatever they remind you of, it doesn’t look like they produce much light.

  10. Libeerian

    My thoughts exactly.

  11. plum

    so so cool

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