15 Cool and Unusual Rings

15 Cool and Unusual Rings

Unusual and creative rings that will spice up anyone’s jewelry collection.

Inner Message Ring

Ring with letters on the inside that leave a message on the finger.

Inner Message Ring

Crayon Rings

Amazing crayon inspired rings designed by Timothy Liles.

Crayon Rings

Moustache Ring

This fake moustache ring will be useful in all kinds of situations.

Moustache Ring

Wooden Ring

Beautiful earth-friendly ring perfect for a wedding or engagement.

Wooden Ring

Plug and Socket Rings

Creative modern rings made from recycled silver by Casey Perez.

Plug and Socket Rings

Love Ring

Awesome ring designed by Chutapat Wittaya from Thailand.

Love Ring

Wave Ring

Ring with ocean waves in contrasting white and yellow gold.

Wave Ring

Gear Ring

Ring with gears that turn in unison when the outer rims are spun.

Level Ring

Level Ring

Camera Ring

Hot shot camera ring designed for the fans of photography.

Camera Ring

Cushion Ring

Pilo-Pilo is a creative ring with a mini pillow attached to it.

Cushion Ring

Projector Ring

When light passes through the ring, it projects a series of photos.

Projector Ring



Pac-Man Ring

Creative series of four rings inspired by the popular Pac-Man game.

Pac-Man Ring

Growing Ring

Beautiful nature inspired ring designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson.

Growing Ring

For even more inspiration, check out: brilliant ring designs.

  1. Moist Popcorn

    Mustache ring is absolutely stupid.

  2. Manali Rohinesh

    Will someone give me that wooden ring or that wave one -both are really cool!

  3. Lilly

    I think the pac man one is really original! Now I have to go out and buy it somewhere.

  4. EugiKo

    I really the camera one! Unfortunately, I live in Russia..

  5. TTV

    Pac man ring is the absolute opposite of original.

  6. BObart

    i actually think the mustache ring is hilarious.. girls around the 16-20 yr age range would love it… i know someone with a tattoo of a mustache on her finger..

  7. Chris

    Well, I guess the moustache ring would be a good present for hipsters…

    But I quite like the wooden, gear and projector ring…

  8. Bel cameron

    Growth wring and level wring are awesome

  9. Ben

    OK, I know, stupid and lame thing to say, but I can’t stop thinking : “Is it really possible to plug the plug ring ? And what is happening then ?”

  10. cchana

    Some great rings, wouldn’t mind a moustache ring, certainly less permanent than a tattoo on your finger!

  11. Bob

    cushion, projector, and pillow ring are the best!

  12. Andrew

    The projector ring is absolute genius

  13. CeeCee

    So agree with “Moist Popcorn” !

    Some rings are alright, but most of em nothing special.

  14. woops

    Inner Message Ring: Ow.
    Crayon Ring: punch in rainbows
    Moustache: i’m curious
    Wood ring: boring
    Plug ring: could be dangerous
    Love Ring: woody

  15. jumanicus

    the gear ring would make for good gears of war merchandising, who’s with me?

  16. Adriana

    I really love the little camera ring, it’s so vintage/sweet/chic! And the cushion ring is absolutely funny, except I would have seen it a little bigger to be efficient:))

  17. pampalas

    165 US $ for Gear Ring… absurd!!!!

  18. Manpreet

    The mustache ring is for those stupid hipsters.
    I absolutely adore the cushion, projector, and camera rings, though!

    I’m going to have to go out and buy those now :)

  19. jaqi mugo

    Marry me

  20. kristeen baptist

    i do love projector.ing
    such a sweet ring

  21. kirsten (rntgirl)

    ok, i’m uber late to the party, but i just could *not* get my hair right. anywho, love the pacman ring. fabutastic collection fo shizzle!

  22. D

    From woops: ‘Crayon Ring: punch in rainbows’

    projector ring is pretty sick

  23. Sammy

    I like the moustache ring.

  24. Joy

    i seriously want the Moustache ring!!!

  25. Mike

    I think the Gear Ring is way cool and original and totally worth it.

  26. HannahJet

    love the pac-man and gear ring!

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