Unique Camping Tents

Unique Camping Tents

UK based company FieldCandy makes eye-catching camping tents with fun and creative designs.

Created out of finest materials and high quality components, FieldCandy limited edition tents inject color and creativity into modern camping.

Watermelon Camping Tent

Brick Camping Tent

Get a Room Camping Tent

Art Camping Tent


Animal Camping Tent

Camping Tent

FieldCandy Tent

Book Camping Tent

Designer Camping Tent

FieldCandy Camping Tents

Sheep Camping Tent

Fun Camping Tent

FieldCandy Camping Tent

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  1. Immelmann

    That clown from the circus tent photo will haunt my dreams forever.

  2. Sharyn

    Some of these are awesome, but yeah, the clown…

  3. Mon Sun C

    These are really cool designs. Never thought to add prints to tents.

  4. Amy

    I would totally buy the garden shed one.

  5. ashley dellinger

    i still cant believe no one has made that see through…or at least the top half see through so people can look at the stars and nature…itsnt that the point of being outside in the first place?

  6. Jorge

    Muy cool

  7. Nicki Castle

    I could see me getting a couple of ’em.

  8. Lilia Smiles

    @ashley dellinger, well there was the “Transparent Camping Tent” that toxel posted the other time. I personally thought it looked like a giant hamster ball, but I love the idea that there is no visible barrier between you and the outdoors. However I don’t like how people could look inside. I totally agree with you on having more tents that are see through on the top so people can go star gazing in the comfort of their tent.

  9. douglas

    Gotta like the dog ready to “round em up”. Damn honey, should have left the dog on the leash.

  10. Robin

    Holy crap.. didn’t notice the clown until I saw comments and scrolled back up. GAWD I pee’d a bit

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