15 Unusual and Creative Shoes

15 Unusual and Creative Shoes

Collection of the world’s most creative shoes and unique footwear designs.

Illuminated Shoes

Modern shoes by Francesca Castagnacci come with integrated optical fibre that creates awesome light effects.

Illuminated Shoes

Mesh Shoes

Stunning shoes created out of metal wire mesh and black leather.

Mesh Shoes

Heel-Less Shoes

Creative shoes with no heels designed by Chau Har Lee.

Heel-Less Shoes

Bird Shoes

Pigeon shoes designed by Iris Schieferstein from Germany.

Bird Shoes

Wooden Sandals

Lightweight summer shoes inspired by traditional Japanese sandals.

Wooden Sandals

Melonia Shoes

World’s first 3D printed shoes by Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf.

Melonia Shoes

Elevator Shoes

Innovative robotic shoes are activated by an iPhone app.

Chain Shoes

Unique shoes by Tove Jansson and Per Emanuelsson from Sweden.

Chain Shoes

Gun Hoofs

Unusual and somewhat disturbing shoes by Iris Schieferstein.

Gun Hoofs

Stationary Shoes

Unique shoes by talented French artist Caroline Sciancalepore.

Stationary Shoes

Still Shoes

Sci-Fi Shoes

Stylish platform shoes designed by Gabriella Marina Gonzalez.

Sci-Fi Shoes

Futuristic Shoes

Cool shoes designed by the world renowned architect Zaha Hadid.

Futuristic Shoes

Kronier Shoes

Uncomfortable fashion shoes designed by Kronier from Germany.

Kronier Shoes

Skeletal Shoes

Skeletal stilettos are a part of Dsquared2’s 2010 fall collection.

Skeletal Shoes

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  1. Arkwright

    As always, incredibly insane~

    And since it is inevitable, those pigeon shoes are genuinely disturbing if not disgusting, but interesting nevertheless for their unusual cruelty.

  2. Gems in the 604

    And now I’ve seen it all! Wow, what a collection.

  3. Vanessa

    Those skeletal shoes are friggin awesome

  4. Cory

    Im not an anti fur person at all, I think humans are okay with doing what we please to animals, but those pigeon shoes are frankly messed up.

  5. Betty

    WOW…I’m a shoe freak(some strange genetic quirk)– and these are fabulous.

  6. Rindane

    even the one in the video is unable to walk with those elevator shoes. others are great though.

  7. Final

    shouldn’t this be ’15 unusual and creative heels’? cuz i don’t really see other type of shoes.

  8. Bogyó

    I absolutely LOVEloveLOVE the futuristic shoes! I want one. :D

  9. 2LV2

    Awesome, All of them…..


  10. Jaqi Mugo

    Out of the BOX!!!

  11. Alex

    I wonder how she’s gonna walk with Stationary Shoes…

  12. Raads

    was that woman YELLOW?!

  13. Meg

    WOW these are awesome! I’m sure Lady Gaga will go gaga over these shoes. XD

  14. Alejandro

    Ouch!! These look uncomfortable.

  15. George

    This is insane.

  16. Kyle

    “I wonder how she’s going to walk with ‘stationary’ shoes” . . . lol

  17. Aarti Harish

    I did not like any of these…neither are they feet-sole friendly…nor do they look good…

  18. Enav


  19. lauralicious

    unique designs. i appreciate them for their creativity.. and i love the irony in the stationary shoes. these aren’t meant to be comfortable. they’re meant to be innovative artistic complexes that shock and awe. amazing!

  20. David Nicklas

    what a great blog post. what inspired you to do this?

  21. Kojeje

    How did you wear that shoes??
    Hahha… Great idea…!

  22. Alex T

    @Alex massive fail. They are called STATIONARY shoes. Stationary meaning to say still not as in office condiments

  23. daffy

    They are not shoes.

  24. Tracy

    my feet hurt just by looking at them

  25. Tamri

    I’m shocked!! but I like it :)))) thanks for publishing

  26. Me

    Wow. WAY cool, love tha heel-less ones SO much.

  27. Kendra

    These shoes are just messed up

  28. chey

    1 word COOL

  29. Ellen

    people!! i am from the future and can tell you that the scifi shoe and heel-less shoe are worn today by models and normal people alike!!!!

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