Unusual Footwear and Creative Shoe Designs

Unusual Footwear and Creative Shoe Designs

Contemporary footwear varies in style, complexity and cost, from the most basic sandals to high fashion shoes. This post showcases unusual footwear and creative shoe designs from all over the world.

FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes

Creative footwear that offers the exhilarating joy of going barefoot.

FiveFingers Barefoot Shoes

Opel Car Shoes

Designed by Simon Deering, these shoes are part of Opel’s effort to market their Agila car as a hip fashion accessory.

Opel Car Shoes

Grass Flip Flops

Take a walk in the grass wherever you are in these creative flip flops that have real grass growing inside.

Grass Flip Flops

Converse Extension Shoes

This extend converse is not for sale, yet. However, Daryl van Wouw is investigating the possibility of producing a limited edition.

Converse Extension Shoes

Folded Shoes

Single sheet of fabric folded once to create an abstracted shoe shape.


Miami Vice Gun Shoes

Unique shoes by Chanel Cruise were inspired by the image of a gun.

Miami Vice Gun Shoes

Fish Flip Flops

Creative flip flops are part of Tolnaftate cream advertisement campaign. “Root out disgusting fungi.”

Fish Flip Flops

Zipper Sandals

Christian Louboutin sandals with crisscross straps and faux zip.

Zipper Sandals

Lamborghini Shoes

Unfortunately, these Lamborghini Gallardo shoes are just a concept.

Lamborghini Shoes

Barefoot Sneakers

Okat designed these unique barefoot sneakers by using his own feet and toes as inspiration.

Barefoot Sneakers

The Claw Shoe

Unusual shoe design with its heel designed to look like a talon.

The Claw Shoe

Heel-Less Platform Shoes

Creative heel-less platform shoes designed by Antonio Berardi.

Heel-Less Platform Shoes

Rancho Shoes

New ankle pony boots style with well made wood wedge and aluminium horse iron. Comfortable shape for easy walking. Irons could be easily removed if needed.

Rancho Shoes

Feet Shoes

Now that’s a pair of cool shoes!

Feet Shoes

For more cool shoes, check out: 14 Stylish and Creative Shoes

  1. UFB

    some of those are pretty scary.

  2. Oana

    too bad the guys that did the feet shoes did not consider making hobbit feet shoes

  3. Era

    lol awesome..nice concepts..^_^

  4. Jaqi Mugo

    I love the Lamborgini shoes! I hope they change their mind and make them available! My other favourite are the five finger barefoot sneakers – I want! :D

    The feet shoes, grass sandals and fish sandals are hilarious!

    The heel-less platforms are cool.

  5. eleven

    The Opel shoes and the grass flip flop are great, and even wearable.
    The feet and the barefoot are funny.
    The rancho, the heel-less and the claw look so UNcomfortable!
    And the Converse Extension takes 3 hours to put on.

  6. Laurie

    those talon shoes cannot be good for the feet. some interesting shoes though!

  7. Fred

    I love my Vibram fivefingers, I’ve got two pairs, wear them as much as I can in cold Wisconsin. It truly feels like you’re barefoot when your feet are broken in to them.

    Now if all the hot girls that always ask me about them would be more interested in the rest of me…….

  8. firefly67

    Yowie!! Some of those are downright strange. Maybe not so comfortable either. But I must applaud their makers’ imaginations, at the very least. Moi, I’m just an apprentice cordwainer (shoemaker), still working out the kinks in basic oxford patterning/design. Don’t think I will be making any shoes like these, any time soon. Buffalo moccasins…that’s another story!

  9. Beezy

    i love the car concept shoes! too cute!

    the others are frightening – esp the one’s that look like feet…gross.

  10. Emily

    RANCHO SHOES – Comfortable shape for easy walking? Wha? I hope that was sarcastic. Nice post!

  11. bengky

    good shoes for beautiful foot

  12. ariel

    feet shoes is bad..

  13. Jared

    “Comfortable shape for easy walking”? Hardly. These are classic pony boots, which are a fetish accessory and useless as a real pair of boots.

  14. King Of Face


  15. vivian

    em.. some of them are really scary… like the foot one…

    and the “Fish Flip Flops” is weird…

  16. dino

    the feet shoes have been done. al bundy designed them when he saw God on married with children. BITERS!!!!

  17. JESIKA

    Converse Extension Shoes ARE The shiz

  18. thibel

    i frikkin need those converse pant shoes things!!!!!

  19. Yi


  20. viteker

    very interesting:-)

  21. kulili

    @ Emily and Jared:
    I’m glad I’m not the only one who read that phrase and thought whoever wrote it was high.

  22. ven_cam


  23. canan

    Heel-Less Platform Shoes should put on the designer
    looks not comfortable

  24. Nuchka

    Wow some of these are pretty nasty.
    The Chanel ones are tight tho.

  25. mykala

    are those feet shoes made out of real feet cause they look like it??

  26. Agutdib

    i wonder how you walk with the heel less platform shoes

  27. joe

    i m very intrested about the human shoes with fake hairy toes,i would like to buy about 50 pair of shoes every week.who is a designer?

    if somebody know!!!!!! let me know
    thanks for your help

  28. tom

    cool feet shoes!!! i want a pair, cant stop laughing!!!

  29. iesha

    des shoes are hot…but reele werid to be weiring

  30. julia

    super!!!! woooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!

  31. Minnie

    I NEED THE CONVERSE EXTENSIONS. They are the most amazing shoes ever. if anyone knows where i can get a hold of them, please tell me.

  32. lala

    these are ridiculous! wow dude!
    haha do people acutally buy these?
    if they do they are blind ritards
    sorry but its true.

    peaceeee <3

  33. iRis :)

    wow who ever thought of these designs are very creative…i give them props

  34. Vagelis4VP

    i love some of them, like the Lamborghini….
    the feet shoes that are in the last pic are not real…its photoshop work…. ;)

  35. Joy

    The last one is photoshopped

  36. kita

    these shoes are so fffnnn cooool!!!!!

  37. Faisal Iqbal

    Truly an Astonishing Collection!

  38. gizme

    the gun ones are sickkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. boo boo

    I love the shoes I want the jeans one where can a i get one

  40. Ginger10112

    Where Can I get the Converse Extensions!?!? I’ve seen them on the internet before but can never figure out where to get them. Can you please tell me where i can find them and how much they cost? Thanks ^-^

  41. Nettasha

    I agree with UFB some of those are scary!

  42. Tangyghee

    The Converse Extension Shoes are hot i reakon !

  43. guriya_91

    i like the opel car shoes

  44. Zheer

    I like Feet Shoes so much ! it is beautiful

  45. alisa

    these shoes are awesome i like the car shoes i wonder if they have a blinker in the back of them hmmmmmmm?

  46. ChEeSe

    converse/jeans are pretty cool but i also liked the blue car shoes!!!

  47. aila 18

    NICE shoes exchange for 30 years……..plssssssssssssssssssssssss…………….i
    love their claw shoes…..

  48. penelope

    thes shoes are the most sick i will ever see in my life time . ;-) :-)

  49. jerquia

    I love all of the shoes.They are different then just seeing the plain high heels or converse.

  50. jabria

    I love the shoes except the feet shoes thoes are just weird hahahahahA:-0

  51. Michelle

    Them feet shoes are so player!! :d

  52. angel

    ewwwwww feet shoes just plain weird

  53. karlie

    Are those real???

  54. addy

    i really want the high high tops!!

  55. sandra

    wow these shoes are pretty intense i would definetly wear some of them

  56. jamonika

    i like the gun shoes

  57. chey

    ooooohhhhh i think they are scary but my mom likes the barefoot ones

  58. FreakOUT!

    Those converse are AWESOME!!!!! I would pay to get those!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Lola Purple Ninja

    love these shoes! but the feet shoes are kinda scary and the heel less shoes are sweet!!!!!! I would fall every step though haha but the creators of these shoes, I got two words for you. Gen-ius!!!!!! :)

  60. lily

    awesome…. but some are scary!!!!!

  61. sathya

    i like the opel car shoes

  62. Roxan

    the feet shoes scare me but i like the gun shoes

  63. angel

    just 4 men

  64. Cheryl

    Haha the shoes are so cool.. i want the ones where the shoes are like connected to your pants. haha pretty cool.

  65. Heather

    The Rancho pony boots give new meaning to the phrase ‘Hoofing it’.

  66. taylor

    very strange and interesting and a little scary

  67. poo pindah pants

    where can u get the feet shoes? (last picture)

  68. tooniiiiii

    and the lamborghini stilletos come on Tim Cooper make every womans fantasy come true!!!
    i could write a little something about every single pair on here they have all been created by genius’!


  69. Liz

    Some of the heels are so high that I wonder how any of the models survived

  70. sophie

    Im in love with the Converse Extension Shoes

  71. Becca

    ALRIGHT! Question!!! Who else would wear those converse extentions! I would!!!!

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