DeLorean Taxi

DeLorean Taxi

Eye-catching taxi designed to look like DeLorean time machine will take you Back to the Future or to any other destination.

DeLorean car from popular Back to the Future movies was converted into New York yellow taxicab.

DeLorean Taxi was created by Mike Lubrano and Kim Yau for creative advertising campaign that promotes Nooka fashion design company.

DeLorean Taxicab

Back to the Future DeLorean Taxi

Nooka Delorean Taxi

Back to the Future Taxi

DeLorean Time Machine Taxi

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  1. Ben


  2. Betty


  3. Aidan

    When is this becoming a global standard??? :D

  4. Vinz Clortho

    Take me to the meeting I just missed.

  5. Masteroche

    Where do I keep the luggage!!!!

  6. Barrie G. Hall

    Looking through the pictures, I don’t see a flux capacitor there. To bad he can only taxi in this time line :(

  7. hoh

    Cannot see the fashion link.

  8. Neumann

    Just when you thought NY cabs couldn’t get any more cramped…

  9. Jordan

    The photos don’t look real. Looks very conceptual. It’s either terrible photography or bad image editing.

  10. John

    Great Scott!

  11. joshua barnett

    why would they do such a thing to a delorian! you cant get those made anymore! I cant wait till i have the money to buy one of those and that guy just takes a few more off the market to turn them into taxis!?!

  12. Reggie

    What will the Lubrano advertising team think of next? Painting over a Rembrandt, perhaps?

  13. Ryan

    Hey Joshua B, don’t know why they’d do it either but, somebody bought out all the old parts and production rights to the DeLorean and is refurbishing and upgrading them with some new equipment. Check out their site…

  14. Enrico Martinez

    If this traversing time machine works, nobody will ever be late for work.

  15. Ben

    Am I the only one who sees that this is a fake photo?

  16. Joe

    Don’t worry guys, the car is just photoshopped. Look at the larger photos on the guy’s website and it becomes very obvious.

  17. manish khichar

    i like it car and all world only see the car is very importance car

  18. Mark

    Where is Del Griffith supposed to put his trunk? LOL

  19. Dustin

    I would for sure pay extra to ride in a taxi like this. On another note, for those of you who say these images are Photoshopped…they are. The Delorean in the photos is actually a toy. I have one in front of me right now. It’s about 7 inches. Not big enough to ride in but still a very cool toy.

  20. aworldofburt

    @Masteroche, where we’re going, you don’t need luggage.

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