Upside Down House in Germany

Upside Down House in Germany

Located on the northern German island of Usedom, this creative upside down house was designed by Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company.

The fact that everything inside the house is also upside down, makes this unusual house even more special.

Upside Down House in Trassenheide

German Upside Down House

Cool Upside Down House

Creative Upside Down House

Unique Upside Down House

Unusual Upside Down House

Upside Down House

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  1. kijahfbasds


  2. fabian

    no, it’s stupid

  3. sustainable steve

    just imagine how much gravity it takes to make that house livable…what a waste of resources.

  4. Ben

    Why would you bother. I assume it is a tourist attraction because it would not be livable.
    It would cost more money to build that than a real house

  5. Karen

    lol. i guess its more of an art piece…

  6. dizelbox

    It’s great

  7. maddox

    It would be fantastic fun to be inside this house.

  8. Roland

    I thought that it will be upwards only from outside and will be a normal home from inside. What is it made for? Hmm…that’s kinda strange :D just an artpiece…

  9. abba

    It would be great if the inside were the right way up, and someone could live in it.

  10. //Binc//

    When I was a child I always dreamed everything would be upside down – and now it came true :) Amazing!

  11. Sílvia

    it´s fun, but I agree it´s a wait of money. anyways, it´s a pretty piece of art and I would love to see! Imagine how your brain get confused to see everything upside down!!

  12. AZD...

    i agree with abba…….

  13. kurp

    It’s copy of polish ‘upside down’ house located in Szymbark. Just type ‘szymbark’ in Google/Images…

  14. doozie

    I’d love to move “the first person to pass out at the party” into the house and have a camera hidden somewhere to see their reaction when they wake up.

    Definitely an art piece. Or a roadside attraction like the World’s Biggest Ball of String.

  15. dvsdoug

    What do you do when the cellar gets flooded?

  16. Joseph

    Finally, a bathroom where the toilet seat is always up:-)

  17. Don

    Its very nice ^^ but…. WHY =p they could also save all that money to give it to me =p

  18. Christel

    This isn’t creative, this is just building a house upside down.

  19. toothpaste

    :O It’s Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s house!

  20. Momiji

    it would be cooler if it was normal inside.

  21. Eva

    Hey they stole my idea!
    cool though.
    i think it would be better if everything on the inside was normal, when its like that it just doesn’t work.

  22. Karin Stewart

    I suppose it’s a tourist attraction but for my money, it’s not too exciting…just upside down!

  23. Yorick

    it would not be that expensive to make. you don’t need to put in any wiring or any water piping its just the outside stuff. and blatantly just for tourism. and obviously it is interesting enough to get on here.

  24. Tyler Durbin

    I’m for art, but I would much rather see the resources be used to build an environmentally & economically friendly home for a low-income family.

  25. Dawn Baird

    Creative how?

    And, Tyler, I’m with you.

  26. Bob

    How do they keep the water in the toilet?;)

  27. Chiman

    it is uncomfortable to me

  28. Mauritius

    I would say that its a form of modern art… :)

  29. Real Deal

    I wouldn’t want to take a piss there.

  30. Alex

    At the end of the day, they could just flip the house, and they would be able to live in. LOL.

  31. bima surya andara

    hahaha… is this a mini museum or what?

  32. Bryan


  33. delere

    It’s kinda been done. Just turning it upside down doesn’t make it all that special.

  34. Magy

    huuuuuu crazy house!! like Uncle Sam’s house in méxico la casa chueca del tio sam good job

  35. itsbrandnew

    how can I put this politely….freaking stupid!

  36. unDave

    What’s the teal about this? I don’t think is “stupid” or something, still i think is a waste and not practical….

    Original? Not quite… maybe, i don’t know.

    -by unDave™

  37. Mabel

    What for? Reinventing the wheel?
    Maybe a technical achievement, yet money, material and energ wasted in a void purpose.
    Weird thing. The world is already crowded of useless stuff.
    Congrats for the hability, but I´m sorry for the stupidity of the project.

  38. Rachel

    reminds me of the ending in Road Dahls story “The Twits”,
    i think it’s pretty awesome :)

  39. ozii

    definetelly waste of money and time…

  40. freesia

    makes me dizzy.. :o

  41. Colleen Marie

    I saw them putting in couches, etc. But how does one get to the. . . uh. . . “ground” floor? Unless the stairs are the right way, no one is going to be able to see the kitchen.

  42. Lintu

    haha funny

  43. autumn

    wow is this really livable????????????

  44. clara

    How do they do that?!? That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Jessica

    THISSS IS SOO COOL!!! but it would definatly be better if the inside was rightside up. Id totally live in it if that were the case. very creative.

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