Remote Controlled Flying Witch

Remote Controlled Flying Witch

Miniature radio controlled airplanes designed by Otto Dieffenbach look like realistic flying wizards and witches on broomsticks.

Converted RC Planes will fly in the sky and scare people on Halloween.

RC Plane Flying Witch

RC Plane Flying Wizard

Remote Controlled Flying Wizard

Remote Controlled Harry Potter

Radio Controlled Harry Potter

Radio Controlled Flying Wizard

Radio Controlled Flying Witch

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  1. Rafeek


  2. Gert

    Awesome! So showing my RC addicted hubby this!

  3. JD

    Harry Potter Quidditch kit in 5-4-3 …

  4. Terry Walker

    Really like the RC witch design, are you selling any basic ARF kits for those of us that like putting our own kits together. Thanks

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