Upside Down Gap Store

Upside Down Gap Store

To promote the launch of Gap’s new loyalty program, Sprize, the GAP store on Robson Street in Vancouver, Canada was literally flipped upside down.

The transformation was finished in only twelve hours, after 32 mannequins, four display tables, hundreds of t-shirts, one hot dog cart, and three cars were flipped to create the illusion.

Upside Down Cars

Upside Down Sweaters

Upside Down Mannequins

Upside Down Gap Bag

Upside Down Gap

Upside Down Car

Upside Down Store

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  1. liz


  2. Alves

    What does all this mean? Or this is just a way to be different to attract someone curious ?

  3. Daniel

    you mean…


  4. cheeng

    @daniel : :))

  5. Karlitta

    :)) strangeeee



  7. özlem

    Victor & Rolf did the same thing almost 3-4 years ago in their Milan store, shame on GAP.

  8. SWP


    If you look at the last photo, it says: “shopping turned on it’s head” at the bottom of the window.

  9. John

    I know this campaign, and when I saw it I couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done before. But it hasn’t.

    IMHO It’s not brilliant, not clever, it’s just a good way to attract attention I guess..

  10. aziz

    ¡¡ ǝɯosʍɐ sʇɐɥʇ

  11. Mumoftwo

    well done aziz! was this campaign done during the olypics? Is it somehow related? I just don’t see the point though…

  12. Chad

    I always had dreams about living in buildings upside down where everyone is walking on the ceilings.

  13. Adnan

    i heard it’s not upside-down anymore. i guess it was just in november

  14. Fresh


  15. JK III

    @Daniel and Aziz: Nice…how you do that?

  16. JK III

    puıɯ ɹǝʌǝu :)

  17. hmmm

    done before… i’ve been to a pop up shop like that in NY before a few years ago.

  18. Wandile

    Gap are copy cats. Viktor and Rolf did this

  19. Stephanie Horn

    It kind of weirds me out a little, but it does make me laugh… especially how they took the time to even change out the storefront logo and print the bags upside down. But the cars? That’s just crazy!

  20. Erwin

    Seen this in Milano before, indeed from Viktor and Rolf

  21. James

    This has been done.

    Victor and Rolf had a couple of upside down stores.


  22. Sam

    Upside down cars? Nice touch.

  23. spreissler

    Great marketing concept…

  24. Reilly

    Seems like a helluva lot of work for one product line promotion… who’s to say it even brought in more sales? People go… take pictures… walk in take pictures… walk out.

  25. jony

    U gap I Like Gap.

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