Me and My Other Me

Me and My Other Me

Series of illustrations by talented Colombian artist Fulvio Obregon features young and old versions of famous people.

Clever images allow us to Look Into the Past and go Back to the Future.

Bill Gates

Young and Old Bill Gates

Paul McCartney

Young and Old Paul McCartney

Robert de Niro

Young and Old Robert de Niro

Mick Jagger

Young and Old Mick Jagger

Michael Jackson

Young and Old Michael Jackson

Al Pacino

Young and Old Al Pacino

Steve Jobs

Young and Old Steve Jobs

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  1. criticaleye

    Interesting concept, but A LOT of problems in the execution, and perhaps the artist could do more research to create more insightful juxtapositions.

  2. Gert

    It’s rather sad that the artist drew the older versions in such an unflattering way. Age has it’s own beauty that should shine through in art especially.

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