Igloo Hotels

Igloo Hotels

Every year, Iglu-Dorf team builds amazing Igloo villages at seven different locations in the Alps and the Pyrenees mountains.

Built from scratch every winter, it takes almost 3000 tons of snow to create each Igloo. Standard village consists of Igloo Hotel, Igloo Bar, series of tunnels, and smaller Igloos that serve as private rooms.

Talented artists decorate walls with beautiful snow and ice sculptures.

Igloo Interior

Snow Hotel Room

Igloo Hotel

Snow Bar

Iglu-Dorf Hotel

Ice Sculpture

Ice Bed

Snow Art

Snow Room

Igloo Restaurant

Igloo Village

Igloo Jacuzzi


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  1. Lilia Smiles

    Wow I love the detailing and it must be so cool to make a new one every year! New designs and new layouts sound exiting for the Iglu-Dorf team!

  2. Leon

    Cool! i really want to stay there for a couple of days!

  3. Mon Sun C

    Wow this is really cool. Love the attention to detail. Must have been fun creating this.

  4. Art of Concept

    I agree with first comment.
    Great sculptures here! Love it that they include art!

  5. x2

    thats awesome

  6. OgTheDim

    Hotel de Glace, Quebec City. Bigger than any of these, but made of ice.

  7. Douglas

    The artwork, creativity, execution – WOW.

    But, give me the beach any day.

  8. Hannah

    I want to go there so bad!

  9. max

    that is so cool

  10. Katerin

    Great concept, but I don’t like all skin of animals in everywhere.

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