Bicycle Stand Furniture

Bicycle Stand Furniture

Innovative furniture with integrated bike stand will safely hold your bicycle.

Space-saving bicycle stand bookcases, shelves, desk, sofa, and table for people who live in small apartments designed by Chol1.

Bike Stand Furniture

Bicycle Furniture

Bike Furniture

Chol1 Bicycle Stand Furniture

Chol1 ike Stand Furniture

Chol1 Bike Furniture

Chol1 Bicycle Furniture


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  1. John

    No matter how expensive the bike, or how clever the furniture… there’s just something about a bicycle in the living room that makes it look like a garage to me. Maybe the best furniture solution is just a simple, purpose-built cabinet. (Or maybe just embrace the look: You can put the bike next to a couple old ladders, put a few used paint cans on the shelf… toss a couple empty oil cans in the corner… throw an old canvas over the couch…)

  2. hmmm

    That first one costs $350 US.

    I’d rather just make it from scratch, I’d get so much more out of that effort alone.

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