Underwater Hotel

Underwater Hotel

Innovative hotel with 21 underwater rooms will be constructed 33 feet (10 m) beneath the surface of the sea in Dubai.

Designed by DOT, unique hotel will consist of two UFO inspired buildings, one above water and one below. The guests will be able to admire the beauty of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate.

Water Discus luxury hotel will also have swimming pools, diving center, restaurant with delicious food, underwater bar, emergency air stations, underwater scooters, and submarines for deep-sea exploration.

Discus Underwater Hotel

Water Discus Underwater Hotel

Underwater Hotel in Dubai

Hotel in Dubai

Discus Hotel

Underwater Hotel Concept

Deep Ocean Technology

Underwater Room

Discus Hotels

Underwater Restaurant

Underwater Bedroom

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  1. monkeyitup321

    amazing. amazing. amazing.
    must be expensive though…………….

  2. Sharyn

    It looks beautiful and I’d love to spend a night there. I wonder if they’re going to build an artificial coral reef to give the spectacular views.

  3. charu

    Wow fantastic! I want to stay there at least for a week. :)

  4. looloo

    another stupid excuse to screw up the ecosystem and mass murder wildlife

  5. Lilia Smiles

    ^ if they end up doing that I don’t think their business will last very long considering the view is what makes it amazing, I don’t think they will jeopardize their profits and murder the wildlife

  6. Hanzzz

    Another stupid eco environment unfriendly idea and
    a needless waste of energy and other valuable resources for the benefit of a few spoiled rich people.

  7. Dominic

    ^ Give credit where credit’s due… Don’t let your jealousy blind you!

    Awesome idea! we need more of these around the world!

  8. looloo

    aside from the fact that its parked in the middle of a coral reef, which will require hacking out a few chunks of coral to make space, that thing is going to be bright and noisy, and whether by intention or not leak waste and tourists are guaranteed to drop trash into the water.

    plus the hotel is called “Water Discus”

    maybe these “underwater scooter riders” will be able to offer these poor sea creatures a quick merciful death

  9. Mfarrakha

    The closest thing to Startrek enterprise you will ever find!!

  10. Zack

    Better in concept than real life depiction. If it’s that close to a major city as the background suggests any marine life won’t be sustained, especially with the abuse of tourists banging on glass, throwing stuff in the water, diving near them, etc. They’ll need to be constantly importing and re-growing coral unnatural to the area. Isn’t the future supposed to be full of sustainable design? Eco and ethical practices aside, it’s just good business practices to keep costs down.

    What ever happened to just enjoying the beauty around us than wanting to pay $3000 to travel half way around the world in some super hotel that really blocks any of the true natural marvels in life.

  11. hello

    These are the voyagers of the starship enterprise

  12. Angie

    This looks like a cross between Star Trek and a Bond villain’s lair…

  13. Miguelito Garcia

    It looks like a perfect place!

  14. Edward Martinez

    James Bond-like floating structure in “The Spy Who Loved Me”.

  15. rucy

    its good to look at but going to be hard to make

  16. Jessica

    It does look very pretty, but it also seems (with all the windows open) that there would not be any privacy!!. Someone could be swimming about and be all up in your business!!

  17. Annie

    $3000 for “going around the world”, you must be traveling with the luggage in the belly of the plane. Having been in Dubai I can tell you that’s a place which is magical and why should not we enjoy it. There are no reef that close to shore. Don’t be jealous of those of us who can go and enjoy it, just think of what you should look forward in many parts of our World. Our World is wonderful and let’s accept it the way it is. I am very lucky to have traveled to 48 countries in 25 years and, as i go to those places, I do accept the way those people live, even though it’s, most of the time, not my way of living. In Dubai they have some wonderful things going on and let’s face it many people enjoy it. Let people be themselves and do what they want. ZACK relax, life can be very short, enjoy it while you are on this side of the grass.

  18. Sanvir Manilal

    Bioshock makes this worrying

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