Creative Advertising on Columns

Creative Advertising on Columns

Creative uses of columns, poles and pillars in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Anti Smoking Column Advertisement

Regular advertising columns in Germany were turned into giant stubbed out cigarettes to encourage smokers to quit smoking.

Anti Smoking Column Advertisement

Global Coalition for Peace Column Ad

Creative posters were designed to wrap around poles, campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq, pointing to Global Coalition for Peace website.

Global Coalition for Peace Column Advertisement

McDonald’s Column Advertisement

This is a standard Danish advertising column. The top of the advertising column has not been modified. Nothing was added but the poster. “Shelter served at McDonald’s”.

McDonalds Column Advertisement

Greenpeace Column Advertisement

Advertising pillars were turned into giant medical syringes. “There’s no better medicine for the environment than your contribution”.

Greenpeace Column Advertisement

Ice Age Column Advertisement

Creative ad column promotes Ice Age 2: The Meltdown animated movie.

Ice Age Column Advertisement

Sci-Fi Channel Column Advertisement

“UFO invasion” advertising column promotes Sci-Fi TV channel.

Sci-Fi Channel Column Advertisement

Fiat Pillar Advertisement

Stickers were attached to damaged pillars at parking lots. “Save the pillars. Fiat Stilo with parking sensor”.

Fiat Pillar Advertisement

Toys “R” Us Column Advertisement

Clever advertising column promotes the Toys “R” Us inflatable beach toy collection.

Toys R Us Column Advertisement

Dulcolax Column Advertisement

Ordinary advertising columns were turned into giant toilet paper rolls in Dusseldorf, Germany.

Dulcolax Column Advertisement

Heineken Column Advertisement

Clever Heineken beer column advertisement from Switzerland reminds us not to drink and drive.

Heineken Column Advertisement

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  1. Megan

    Lol at the giant toilet paper roll :)

  2. Hillie

    Global Coalition for Peace is the one i like best!

  3. Roland

    Heineken rocks as always :) They have one of the best advertisings I’ve ever seen. And this one is just so perfectly done with a very understandable concept.

  4. gary birnie

    Global Coalition for Peace Column Ad is a cracker!!

  5. itsbrandnew

    pretty cool! I really liked the soldier one! That was interesting…but true. Sometimes you have to fight though, you may be scared to death, but you saddle up anyway!

  6. Diego

    The SciFi one is pretty cool !

  7. UnDave

    Very clever.

    -by unDave™

  8. Sara

    These are great! I love creative ads!

  9. JuLi

    :D Great collection!
    Some of them almost look like sculptures by Claes Oldenburg. ;)

  10. Reilly

    Great ads. I love a creative ad…


    Very clever!!

  12. xozan

    I love Sci-Fi Channel Column Advertisement

  13. Karin Stewart


  14. LukeSF

    Wow…. Creative… Enjoyed the Sci Fi one… Though paper roll is quite fun :)

  15. delere

    The Coalition for Peace ad and the TP roll are the best by far. Interesting on the BBC news hearing about UK’s Iraq war investigation. We don’t hear about any of this on the standard US news. Indeed. Stop the Iraq war now.

  16. »Julie«

    Wow really cool ideas.Wonder who came with them, definatley very creative.

  17. Scirocco

    Some of them almost look like sculptures by Claes Oldenburg. ;)

  18. andrew ahn

    i love the Global Coalition for Peace Column Ad becaue his sniper is so long that it comes around the pillar and BOOM he die

  19. evlilik

    The SciFi one is pretty cool !

  20. nowaydee

    just don’t drink and drive!!

  21. Yosua

    these people are damn creative!!! i couldnt even think of one…

  22. hattie

    i love them all especially the toilet roll hahahaha lolololol

  23. Caitlyn

    The blow hole to inflate the earth awesome. It would be cooler if they made it as big as a house and took an aerial pic. of it

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