Cat Transit System

Cat Transit System

Unique home office in San Francisco features integrated tunnel system that allows cats to freely and easily move throughout the room.

Creative interior and the “cat tube” was designed by Because We Can.

Tunnel is equipped with hidden access points and viewing platforms.

Cat Metro

Tube for Cats

Tunnel for Cats

Cat Tubes

Cat Subway

Cat Tunnel System

Cat Tunnels

Indoor Cat Tunnel

Cat Tube System

Cat House

Cat Tube

Cat Tunnel

Cat Path

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  1. Carolyn

    Very cool. I’m sure anything related to cats is a growing market. Cheers!

  2. Henri

    It looks nice and cool, but good luck with cleaning..

  3. Vinz Clortho

    @ Henri…good point. Do cats have an instinct to crawl through tunnel like spaces? He probably sits there thinking “WTF”.

    Hellava lot of work for a cat!!

  4. Dominic

    Just asked my Cat if he wants this, he said NO! :(

  5. Philip

    Maybe not an instinct but they absolutely love crawling into things. Its usually hard to keep them OUT of something like this.

  6. Pearl Lamie

    Could be a nightmare if the cat wants to hide and not come out!

  7. dane

    Dog > Cat

  8. Ru

    As soon as you get the cat carrier down to take him to the vet, he’ll head straight for the tube!

  9. Anton

    What if a cat drop a duke inside the pipe???

  10. Gert

    or pees in it Anton, get THAT smell out…

  11. latincrow81

    ummm cats don’t really like to do their business where they cannot bury it so not really an issue, they get really attached to their litter boxes, not getting stuck that is something a cat does a lot! hehehe

  12. Matt

    This is awesome. I love the steampunk feel of these transit tubes.

  13. Rachael

    This is such an improvement on the simple board walkways I was going to install! And it gives them a safe place for when company is over.
    Also ^^ I agree, unless the cat has some sort of bladder issue, it won’t want to do its business anywhere it sleeps, eats, or hangs out. Unless, of course, the litter is dirty, but then it’s the owners fault anyway

  14. dave

    “Pearl Lamie

    Could be a nightmare if the cat wants to hide and not come out!”

    Open a can of cat food.

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