Bear Sleeping Bag

Bear Sleeping Bag

Cool bear shaped sleeping bag, designed by Eiko Ishizawa from Amsterdam, will keep you warm and scare your friends when you go camping.

Please be warned that, according to the artist, it is not his responsibility if a wild bear attacks you, or some silly hunter hunts you down.

Great Sleeping Bear

Greatest Sleeping Bag Ever Made

Bear Shaped Sleeping Bag

Eaten by a Bear

The Sleeping Bear

Creative Sleeping Bag

Cool Bear Shaped Sleeping Bag

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  1. unDave

    Scary! xD Nice one, so ppl don’t bother you asleep, i hope no one shot you or anything!

    -by unDave™

  2. thatisocool

    very nice, i bet its pretty warm in there…

  3. Jon

    If I use this and woke up at a zoo I wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. thaifighter91

    where can you buy this?

  5. britkneelynn

    ummmmm seriously…where can you buy this?


  6. Tony

    Thaifighter91 – this is from his website :

    The production of this work is in the research process at this moment. Hopefully more details will become clear soon.

    If you are interested in purchasing one when it’s out for sale, then please send me an email. So that I can put you in the mailing list for the further news.

    More reactions will raise more chances to make this production happening as I could estimate the numbers better. So please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you! ////

  7. ajayJshah

    simple, it’s the best sleeping bad ever!

  8. robb

    gotta loved then hand coming out of the mouth.

  9. josie

    i really want one! shame its not like a sleeping bag body suit like on last year apprentice! then it would be awesome

  10. Colorific

    Wow…great…now, if a bear does find you in the woods, he’s sure to kill you. I know, let’s hide from the bees by covering ourselves with honey.

  11. Jônatan Fróes

    I wanna buy one!

  12. G-Saint

    But what if a real bear finds you, and tries to mate with you? 8-0

  13. Steve

    It’s cute

  14. Amy

    That……seriously scares the hell outa me……

  15. John

    ” THe Great Sleeping Bear” will be for sale in future?

    The production of this work is in the research process at this moment. Hopefully more details will become clear soon.

    If you are interested in purchasing one when it’s out for sale, then please send me an email. So that I can put you in the mailing list for the further news.

    More reactions will raise more chances to make this production happening as I could estimate the numbers better. So please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

  16. Rach H

    Ha ha, that’s so awesome. I want one. Nice find, J.

  17. islalane

    Please put me on your mailing list. Good job!

  18. Snake

    Don’t go sleep anywhere now..people have guns you know

  19. Lauren


  20. lala

    i’d love sleep in that hahahaha

  21. Mr. Cool

    Cool sleeping bag!

    but where did you find that cute girl to put in it?

  22. lars

    I NEED this!

    Go make it!

  23. Megan


  24. Marius

    And maybe – just maybe – you’ll get shot.

  25. d1veblu3


    fun stuff,,


  26. Karin Stewart

    I bet the only place one would be SAFE in this thing would be inside their locked home!!!

  27. Benedict

    I WANT THIS more than anything else in the world.
    I will buy one the moment they become available.

  28. Rayne

    I really really really want to get this as a christmas present for my boyfriend. Where do I buy this?

  29. Sk0101

    Any person that wears this in public in my area has a death wish, people shoot on site.

  30. James Smith, João Pessoa, Brazil

    If a wild bear “attacks” you? Don’t you mean “molests”?

  31. candice8686

    good idea,support.i like it

  32. Ferris

    suppose you went camping with this and some half blind guy mistakes you for a bear and shoots you. especially in the dark!!

  33. delere

    reply to Colorific:
    Indeed! And I hope any real bear who may see this doesn’t feel “frisky”

  34. rob


  35. Frixe (Helena)

    I bet it feels weird to bang in it.

  36. Tolq

    This is possibly the best idea ever. I want one. Now!

  37. Sarah

    I doubt anyone would be sleeping on grass, every time I’ve been camping it’s been inside a tent. :)
    I really really want one of these, I don’t know the mail to send this to so please email me! :P

  38. I dont know about this

    I don’t think I would use this one, I live in Maine and I would be too scared I would get shot in my sleep, if you don’t have on BRIGHT orange out here you just may end up looking like some Maineac’s dinner!!

  39. Robert

    I’m not one for sleeping outside, but this makes me want to.

  40. Kath

    Absolutely brilliant. We don’t have bears in Australia…but I wouldn’t trust the locals to remember that if they saw this in the national park!

  41. a.von b.

    Do not sleep in the woods with this!

  42. saber

    It is very dangerous! People or police may shoot or hit a wild animal.

  43. ehaz

    this is the most amazing thing known to man.
    so on my birthday wish list ha!

  44. Trav

    Someone is going to get shot

  45. FoxyBoxers

    we dont seem to have bears OR guns in the uk, so i would buy it without being shot ^^

  46. d

    Where I live, it’s too cold to sleep outside if you’re bear.

  47. Alisha

    I WANT A BEAR BAG SO BAD. Please add me to the list.

  48. kashe

    how do i purchase one??!?!

  49. PS

    Nice way to get SHOT while asleep ;)

  50. Kimmy

    That is made of win.

  51. Micah

    zomg i neeeeeeeeeeeeeed one

  52. john

    Nice way to get shot.

  53. Sarah

    OMG soo funny very creative but ya since we sleep at NIGHT u might get shot. nice try tho.

  54. Ashley

    hey tony, put me on that list. i want one!

  55. Evan

    please put me on the list, i want this so bad

  56. james

    This is going to get someone killed by a dumb redneck

  57. crazybuck

    If you are smart you won’t use it in the open air, sounds like a great way to scare your friends. Put me on the mailing list

  58. Big McLargeHuge

    Threat Number One: BEAR SLEEPING BAGS

  59. Schwartz

    I’d love to own one of these, please do put it into production. I’d like to be on the mailing list as well.

  60. katie

    I think this is amazing I am not sure I would like to wear it though as I think people in the park would not understand. Really good concept though.

  61. dipstik

    If you wear this, you may not be able to resist crapping in the woods.

  62. Kitty


  63. Todd

    Cool…..Until a hunter comes and shoots you while you sleep. Oops!

  64. Carl

    I want one Please hook it up with how much!!

  65. Steve

    Please email me when these are available, I’ll take one now!

  66. olivia

    I want one!!

  67. ian

    I wonder what would happened if I wear it for camping in US forest area… I’m afraid it makes some horny bears on their matting seasons humping us in our sleep.

  68. Jaysen

    Add me to the list please, in South Africa hope I can afford it.

  69. David Ball

    Very cool! I like it. I want one.

    I would wear safety solid colors (here it is safety orange) over the outfit in areas where a hunter may be present. Hopefully that will give them a second glance at their target.

  70. Lu

    But someone could shoot you thinking you were a real bear…Unless it was indoors.

  71. Sally


    Please add me to the list!

  72. maaru

    hahahahha xD
    yeah! the best sleeping bag!

    thank you Mikey xD

  73. keith

    I will buy one of these when it becomes availible.

  74. Alicia

    omg i want this put me on the list please!!!

  75. RaspberryKoala

    “So, exactly how did you end up getting shot in the face?”
    “Welllll, there was this sleeping bag….”

  76. wooooooow


  77. Andrew

    Where can you get this? (i want one O.O )

  78. Shauna

    Add me to the list! I want one (or two).

  79. 22g

    A good way to get yourself shot!

  80. jfaulkner

    I want to buy a few …these would be great for our stores and people would love them. Especially here were we have so many bears. Please advise if you decide to produce them.

  81. mikey

    Does the girl come with it?

  82. Scott

    This looks like a good way to die in your sleep. Seriously, its so real looking, someone could mistake you for a bear and… Hey, I’m just sayin.

  83. KUROMI!

    haha wow mikey was right lol i like it! XD

  84. squishy

    oh my gosh i want one!!!

  85. Torren

    Dude, I love it. But it’s a bad idea. Someone is gonna get hurt. Make one that looks like a dolphin or a dinosaur or something that if seen in the woods is less likely to get you clobbered with a shovel or blasted with a 12 gauge.

  86. Kim

    Want one my daughter would love it.

  87. tedibehr

    OMIGOD I want one :D

  88. trafficlight65

    Ok so this is JUST the best. I so wanna buy one for my other half to take with him when he goes on his boys’ hunting weekends!!! Just as well for him, we don’t have bears in New Zealand. Where can I buy one (or maybe 5) from please?

  89. Nathan Gardner

    I want one as well. add me to list please!

  90. Kev

    Awww; Just what I need… To be woken by a giant, confused bear humping me whilst I sleep.
    What a wake-up call

  91. Thunder Thighs


    put me on the mailing list!!!

  92. Spabdexter

    I would buy one just in the hopes that I would be molested by a bear.

  93. Brad

    I want one so bad!

  94. fern

    nice idea! maybe one that looks like a panda? i would buy one

  95. Nancy

    My kids would LOVE that!!!!

  96. Tadded

    Ok after about the 50th comment about ‘this is a good way to get shot’ I think we get the message. It someones own damn fault if they use this in an inappropriate setting. So please can we stop talking about the likely hood of getting killed, and instead talk about how brilliant this thing is!

  97. Tim G


  98. Schahryar Fekri

    I love it :)))

  99. saitokthx

    *sleeps in forest with sleeping bag*

    -bear costume attracts several bears-
    -Bears start a meeting about forest fires-

  100. Melvin

    way cooler than a snuggie!

  101. peter mansfield


  102. nick

    i need one or two or three

  103. Katy B

    I would buy at least one.

  104. Phil E. Drifter

    I doubt you’d fool a real bear, they’d have a much better sense of smell than humans (we’ve mostly lost ours because we depend on our other senses so much more) but w/e.

  105. Ladakh

    If Real Bear Comes to you what will u do?

  106. Sarah


  107. Kaelhyum

    Please Include me on the mailing list for this info, I would love to purchase this item.

  108. Alice Dwyer

    I suppose this might be quite traumatizing to a bear attack victim, although perhaps more traumatizing to a curious bear.

  109. Sdhansen

    This would be an absolute riot on a boy scout campout!!! I’d take pity on the new scouts who haven’t camped out a whole lot, though. Heck, it be a ton of fun for a camp-IN, too. Imagine this, you’re the last one to bed down in a room full of sleeping boy scouts, It would almost be worth putting money on the reaction of the first one to wake up & see this!!!

  110. Craig

    I want one!

    I could probably sell the hell out of those things!

  111. nikola

    i want it!
    do you ship out to eastern europe?

  112. Reilly

    Looks like something Lady GaGa should where for her next concert.

  113. kristynn

    this is amazing! i want three of them.

  114. Rochelle

    Awesome please e-mail me purchasing details when you get them

  115. Sarah

    I love this. I need it. Please let me know when I can buy it!

  116. Peter

    Dude I need one of those for bear related activities

  117. Jared

    “Dude I need one of those for bear related activities”

    …What exactly are Bear related activities?

  118. Tony

    Polar bearing?

  119. Melissa

    Do. Want.

  120. TheMagHouse

    Dont wear that in mating season!!!!

  121. 67impalalover


  122. TRON

    In Canada If I was in that , I would get shot!!!
    no zoo, no wake up, just bullet holes and dead !

  123. claire

    yea definitely want one! add me to the email list

  124. Joe

    I am interested in purchasing this item, any info in that regard would be helpful

  125. Seth

    Hurry up and start selling these!!! :)

  126. Stephanie

    I think this is so awesome and my best friend loves bears and would love one of these! Please add me to the list so that I might be able to get it for her birthday or Christmas or just because I’m an awesome friend. ^.^

  127. TJ

    Z.O.M.G. HOW MUCH!!!!!!??????? id loooove to scare the crap outa my drunk buddies next time we party! LMAO!

  128. Ross

    Do this in the U.P. and they shoot you. Oh look a bear, lets eat it. . .


  129. guanita maniscalco

    beautiful even I would be for buying this original Teddy bear. Please let me know that I want to buy!

  130. Kayla

    Having this in my posession would please me to an undescribable extent.

  131. Aathira

    Kinda scary and what if you are shot in your sleep courtesy sleeping bag??/

  132. John Indergaard

    Let me know when these come out.

  133. elliot

    I dare you to wear that in Montana!

  134. Paul

    Can you make a Care Bears version? would also love to know when this comes out

  135. amanda

    I neeed this!

  136. sir jorge

    wow, that’s not half bad

  137. zoe

    it’s very realistic. i want one!

  138. ryan connors

    I need one of those!!!! Please add me to your list.

  139. Judith

    Please add my name to your list of people who want a Bear Sleeping Bag. It would keep the dogs and cats from jumping onto my bed!

  140. BL

    I want one! Mailing list please!

  141. Michael

    This is amazing, put me on the mailing list and let me know!

  142. Andy

    AMAZINGGG PLZ put me me on mailing list

  143. Mike

    That’s great until you’re out in the wilderness and a big horny male bear comes along.

  144. Chris

    I have big plans when this sleeping bag comes out! Please e-mail when available!

  145. Ash

    This is awesome! Please email me when its available for purchase!

  146. Billy

    def want one put me on the list

  147. Katrina

    I would love to be added to a mailing list for this, who do I contact to get on this list?

  148. Lourdes

    I want one. Please add me to your mailing list.

  149. James Palmer

    Where can I get one?

    Please advise

  150. Luke

    where do i get this???

  151. noname watcher

    Bears can give you facial with this sleeping bag :D

  152. Megan

    I would love to have one of these!! :D
    It’s so awesome!!

  153. Skwingar

    Timothy Treadwell definitely should have gotten one of these before he got eaten up in Alaska by a Bear.

  154. alex

    omg omg omg this is amazing! i want one! like no joke ! i want one i want one i want one

  155. emma thick

    thats is so cool , i want one !!!!!!

  156. Taylor!!!!!!

    Why don’t you just buy a bear suit and sleep in it?

  157. wuillie

    make mine a polar bear one please…

  158. Meghan

    The form is really great, but I’d be concerned about the function. Especially if you actually used it with some degree of frequency as both a novelty item AND as a legitimate sleeping bag. For instance; washability, warmth, etc.

  159. Erock

    Ya its cool until a real bear mates with you in it.

  160. Mr.Loto

    Wow, not bad, really not bad.

  161. Joey

    Let me know when to get one. sweetness.

  162. Jake

    I’m so in.

  163. Bianca

    PLEEEEAAASSSEEEE let me know when they are for sale????

  164. Jamie

    Are these for sale yet?! I really want one!!!

  165. Tiffers

    Looks amazingly comfy while scaringly silly ;]

  166. Jazz

    Yep agree. In most parts of the world you would probably get shot by some lazy hunter looking for bear beef.

  167. Democralition

    try not to get shot by Sarah Palin n’ friends.

  168. Katie

    yes please

  169. Mads

    Well I’m from Australia and in Australia there’s no bears. But you could still scare the hell out of someone!!!

  170. Mark

    Dude, where can I get one of those? I´ll order 5 of them.

  171. Timberwolf

    I have to tell you I found this very funny. I sent this to my wife as her nickname is ‘Bear’. She may just want to order one.

    Thanks for the laugh.


  172. Mike

    I’d be more concerned with horny bears than hunters.

  173. NSi

    It cool and funny too…

  174. Rob

    What if someone shot you?

  175. Wobot

    Seriously you guys? If you’re out camping, do you really think someone’s going to go into your tent at night and shoot you? And it’s a sleeping bag, it’s not like you’re going to be walking about in it.

    Love the sleeping bag though! I would definitely buy one!

  176. Tyler

    I’ll bet if he made a tiger sleeping bag (or any other endangered animal) World Wildlife fund would scoop that up in truck loads!

  177. Evan

    I NEEED IT!!

  178. joni

    Have yu checked it for safety, wouldnt want
    to suffocate while i sleep the warmth in
    there would definitely rock yu to deep sleep

  179. sir jorge

    that is the most impressive thing i’ve seen in a long time

  180. Kayla Jessica

    Pleas! Pleas, I beg you – put me on the list! My love and I call each other big bear and little bear and we absolutely ADORE this!! We want two, maybe more!!

  181. d

    good way to get shot by hunters

  182. Michelle

    This would be fantastic to use for camping in Indiana where we don’t have bears… that I know of anyway lol.


  183. adzca

    what happens when another bear dry humps me?

  184. Daisy

    How do I get hold of one of these if I live in South Africa? Is it fake fur? Don’t want the real thing… hah.. Shot..

  185. Matt

    total pwnage….would love one

  186. KIF

    Jesus Christ. I don’t want this.

  187. Frits

    WOW, what a top idea, can you get two people in there? then maybe if a real bear comes after you, you could make like a pantomime horse-bear and gallop off into the sunset :-)

  188. Kelly W.

    I WANT ONE!!!

  189. Elizabeth A.

    I would love to buy a few of these actually. Please let me know how I can go about purchasing one in the future.

  190. Jim Gillen

    How to get yourself shot while camping.

  191. Tommy

    Reminds me of that Australian TV program called Wilfred, which is basically a guy dressed up in a dog suit and talking to humans – weird concept but it works. Very funny pics.

  192. Salvage Cars

    I would love to see this on the news one day… “Alleged bear beat down and shot after police found him laying in the park beside 5 bottles of beer”

  193. Scorpio

    I want this.. is it available?

  194. doozie

    Maybe it needs an optional orange hunting vest for anyone camping during hunting season.

    LOVE it.

  195. Harold

    Awesome. They on sale yet?

  196. obsrvr

    you get shot

  197. John M

    I assume it’s not made of a real bear? If it is, gross; if it’s not, then cool!

  198. Lady Oak

    Lol :P

  199. John S

    I want one immediately

  200. Some guy

    I need one!!!! Please email me to give me more information!!! Thanks

  201. pip

    i need one for the festivals next year.

  202. Awesome Dude

    does the girl come with one?

    if so, i’m so down for one….

  203. Eric Lin

    It would be perfect for camping, haha

  204. Derek

    I want one!!

  205. kafwon


  206. Jimbo

    Just think, with this every morning you wake up and crawl out as Bear Barf.

  207. Kyle

    I was really disappointed when i found out this wasn’t available to the masses. My first thoughts were “where” and “how much”

  208. Ari G

    Probably a good way to get yourself eaten by a bear lol.

  209. Spudnik2701

    It’s all funny till you wake-up in the forest with old grizzly trying to give you shots! Hahahaha!

  210. genghis43

    i know its an old thread but damn the stupidity! for cryin out loud , your not gonna get shot by a hunter , not that real looking also has anybody ever seen a bear with a head that big & a body that small? likewise if a bear came after you while you were in it , it would probably take off in fright at the sight of someone or thing ripping apart another bear from the inside out ! im just sayin’ ?

  211. ben

    bear city

  212. Jeroboam Bramblejam

    It saddens me to imagine how lovely you would look above some trophy-hunter’s mantle…

  213. victoria kazantseva

    omg!!!!!! i want one!! thats awesome….

  214. hazardous

    This is hazardous if you ask me. I’d shoot first, ask questions later if i saw that, but that’s just me being “safe than sorry” or is it? :D

  215. Someperson

    This is cool. Wish I could have one of these.

  216. Sarah Farrukh

    really cool and scary :O

  217. Noelle Kasparis

    I want to buy three of these? Can I buy them? I want them

  218. Beav

    You haven’t updated us in almost 2 years on whether production is going to start on these soon. I’d like to purchase one, as would hundreds of other people. Get your stuff together and start making them!

  219. Tyson

    I NEED this! It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

  220. Tyler

    I would really want one. But then I would use to sleep in one.

  221. peter

    Really stupid way to get shot or stabbed by rednecks or other hooligans while you’re sleeping.

  222. Keeta

    I would definitely purchase one of these! please, please offer them up for sale!

  223. Peter Edgell

    Hmmmm…do they have a Big Bad Wolf Sleeping Bag?

  224. Kassidy

    Hahaha this is awesome!!! :D

  225. RileyAlexis

    The person who said “i know its an old thread but damn the stupidity! for cryin out loud , your not gonna get shot by a hunter , not that real looking also has anybody ever seen a bear with a head that big & a body that small? likewise if a bear came after you while you were in it , it would probably take off in fright at the sight of someone or thing ripping apart another bear from the inside out ! im just sayin’?” is very stupid. When the poster said “hope you don’t get shot by a hunter,” they were joking.

  226. Jai

    Simply — Awesome.

  227. Hikari

    Oh lord….all of the vore fetishists just creamed themselves looking at this.
    It’s a clever idea, but… I’d feel creeped out. XD

  228. jack

    There are so many “if’s” keeping me from buying this sleeping bag…If I didn’t live in Kentucky…If I weren’t afraid of being shot while sleeping…If I knew my gf wouldn’t kill me for buying this…

    I still love it.

  229. Whitney

    I want one!!!

  230. BeardoBearo

    Shut up and take my money!

  231. mauro

    il sacco a pelo con la faccia d’orso e’ in commercio qualcuno l’ha prodotto se si dove posso acquistarlo complimenti e’ proprio bello ciao mauro from TURIN italy

  232. Ladypants


  233. Joe

    I want to buy one SOOO bad

  234. Kaitie

    I really, really, really want one! this is so awsome. I would so buy this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. GG

    How can I buy one? NEED IT My fav childhood memory was chasing each other while wearing Grandpa’s bear skin rug.

  236. Jerry Porter

    I’d have to buy 2. One for me to sleep in and the other to chase my dog around to scare him :P He’d probably bite and rip it though

  237. Charlotte Manton

    please e-mail me!!! i DEFINITELY have to get one for my boyfriend! He loves bears and camping!!!

  238. JP

    Is this already available? I am seriously interested.. Thanks!

  239. Tate Robert

    My friend and I were looking up bear photographs and we came upon this beauty of a sight, this is a rose in a pile of rocks, if these are for sale, we will buy one for sure, this is probably the greatest invention since bears themselves, email me if there are some available for purchase, thank you.

  240. Jo

    This is awesome ! Please put me on the waiting list,I want one ASAP or failing that for the next Glastonbury festival !! Thanks :)

  241. Ken James

    Would like to get on Mailing list. these look like prop bear heads from 13th Warrior the movie. Filmed in British Columbia Canada, Don’t know who did wardrobe props.

  242. Eric Naquin

    I want to buy one how much?

  243. Steve

    Love this sleeping bag!! Deffo a must for Festivals! Would love to scare the b’jesus out of so many people tripping balls!!! Please add me to the mailing list!x

  244. Emily

    PLEASE put me on the email list!! I NEED this sleeping bag! most lEGiT THiNG i have EVER SEEN.

  245. cfire

    Please put me on the list, how much would they be?

  246. Black Nº1

    Please put me on the list!!! XDDD I want one!

  247. Hardy

    Put me on list

  248. Erin

    Please put me on your list

  249. Jason

    please add me to the mailing list. I would like to purchase this sleeping bag

  250. karisa olson

    add me to the mailing list…I NEED one! Need.

  251. Michael

    Add me to the mailing list please, I want one!!

  252. Colin Crotta

    PLEASE put me on the list!! =)

  253. Greg

    This is awesome! Please put me in whatever list gets me one!!

  254. Lauren Hoffman

    I want 2 of them for christmas!! PLEASE HOW DO I GET ONE?!?!?!?!

  255. Richard

    i do believe the list link is at the top of the page but i may be mistaken

  256. Richard

    if not add me to the list or email me

  257. Amy

    I want one!!!! Where do you get these????

  258. Caroline

    Plese put me on that list! Perfect Christmas present! AAAHHHH

  259. Judy Henderson

    Let me know when these come out – Love Bears! and like camping too!!!

  260. L. Smiledge

    I don’t know where some of you people are sleeping, but I tend to do it in a tent or camper. If your dumb enough to go running through the woods during hunting season wearing one of these I could see the possibility of you getting shot. In that case though it’s my belief that stupid should hurt. Let me know when these are able to be purchased. I could see it being a lot of fun and comfy. My only hold up would be that i would need one able to fit a 6ft 2in 400lb man. If you can make it that big I’m willing to pay for it.

  261. Amanda

    I want one so bad!


    i want one!!!! scare the hell outa my parents!!!

  263. Kaarina

    I am interested in buying two of the awesome sleeping bags. Where can I get them?!?

  264. Andrea

    Please add me to the “I want one too” list!!!! Thanks

  265. wendy

    When will these be available?

  266. Drea

    I want one just so i can scare the thousand freaken kids around here..(laughs evily)

  267. Ed Young

    Please, where and for how much can we buy the bear sleeping bag? It looks GREAT!!!

  268. Pam Ruiz

    Put me down for one too! Absolutely love it.

  269. Jacqueline Post

    Put me on the want list! My kids would love it, and I have a friend who is a little bit afraid of bears that this may be a fun present for!

  270. Jean

    please put me on your mailing list I want one

  271. Kristine

    I Would like to be added to the list –i am interested in the sleeping bag–not sure if i should email under contact us or if you had a direct email address John.


  272. carol

    let me know aboiut buying one !

  273. Todd

    I got to have one

  274. Syndi

    Where can I get this bear!

  275. Jessica

    Omg!! I don’t want one. I NEED one!! I wanna be on the mailing list. How do I go about to do that??

  276. katie russell

    i want one!! PWEASE!!

  277. Shelli B

    for sale yet?

  278. Jamie

    With avid hunters as friends… I need to find this sleeping bag! Are they available for purchase yet? If so, where?

  279. Hannah

    I need this

  280. jon

    I want one! TAKE MY MONEY

  281. Selene

    I want one!!!!!! Please tell me where to email to be put on the list :]

  282. Sandy

    Oh I want one of these!!!! Add me to your list, and inform your concept promoters that even years later, there are still people out there who really do want these things!

  283. Alina

    I’m leaving in one of the southern cities of Russia, where the only place you can find a bear – is a zoo. Cause of the stereotipes – all the foreign friends that visit me, come with a thought of suddenly finding a bear on the street playing balalaika ^^.
    I’d like to have this sleeping bag to try the reaction out and sleep in it at home or when I’m in the friends house. I’d like to have this awesome bear – it’d be nice to add me in the list.

  284. Ruben

    When and where can I buy this?

  285. Carmen

    Add me to the mailing list

  286. Nicole

    Can u please add me to the list?? I NEED one of these!!! Thanks :)

  287. Lindsey

    Want one!

  288. JingIeBeIls

    Sleeping in peace and being disguised as a bear. Nice.

    But what if the bear actually buys it and we become bear friends?

  289. Mamie

    I want one ASAP!

  290. Gus

    Let me be the first person of 2015 to say we all still want one of these! :D

  291. jennifer fowler

    please let me know if it is available yet

  292. Janet Graham

    Have these ever gone into production? If so, what is the cost, where do you ship from/to?

  293. Jessica

    Are these for sale yet? If so I need one, if not, please add me to your mailing list.

  294. sandra

    i want one

  295. emma

    Know a few people who would love this!!! Is it available yet? Add me to the mailing list please and keep me updated xx

  296. Dana

    Let me know when these are available to be purchased!!!

  297. Mike Paulson

    I would like to buy 2 of these as soon as they are available.

  298. Amanda

    I would love to get one of these for my child. She loves bears, please tell me when you can buy these.

  299. Judy Bear

    I want one of these right now. Please let me know if available anywhere

  300. nicole

    would love to buy for christmas presents

  301. Ashley Meeks

    I need this!!! can I buy it yet?? and where

  302. Lauren

    Do you have these available for sale? Or a pattern?

  303. Timia R

    It still isn’t available for purchase?? This was 2009 this thread started..hmm..

  304. Ivie

    Are these available for purchase yet?

  305. Carol Picton

    Id LOVE one !!!!

  306. Susan White

    Looking to make a purchase. please email me with details

  307. Teresa Mullins

    Please send purchasing information if available. Very interested in purchasing!!

  308. Juliet Heart

    We would like purchasing information for these please.
    Do you make similar in different bears, such as a Polar Bear, too?

  309. Michelle

    Where can I find one to buy

  310. Elien Vanderheere

    I’m also very wanting to purchase this one :-)!
    Thanks a lot!

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