Clever Nose Hair Trimmer Ads

Clever Nose Hair Trimmer Ads

To amusingly yet convincingly dramatize the need for the Panasonic nose hair trimmer’s safety cutting system, creative billboards were built around actual electric poles and wires in Indonesia.

With thousands of sensory nerve fibers in human nostrils, trimming nose hair can be as risky as cutting live wires.

Nose Hair Trimmer Ads

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer Ads

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer Ad

Panasonic Nose Trimmer Ads

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Indonesia

  1. Niyari

    uhhhhhh awkward, very very awkward

  2. Technolomy


  3. JK III

    Clever, Yes. Something you’ll want to look at, No.

  4. aji

    ahahhaai…very smart.

  5. Rio

    Wow!! I think it’s the first time Indonesia’s billboard appear in here.. Proud of it! N salute for Saatchi & Saatchi!!

    *somebody could tell me where the location of the billboards? want to see it by myself…

  6. Alex

    I love these. The actual art pieces themselves are gorgeous!

  7. Karin Stewart

    Well, it’s about time. Ya think guys will finally get the idea???? Oh, and BTW, they could use the same time of ads for ear hair….ech!!!

  8. delere

    nose, ear and excessively long pit hair. Dudes. If it sticks out in front or in back of your pit more than and inch when your arm is down it’s time for a trim!

  9. fujun



    inspiring stuff, what a cool idea. thanks for this article.

  11. Roland

    I hate nosehair…Why, why, why do they grow there??
    And awesome advertising :)

  12. Sue Rigler

    My company repurposes old/used billboards into bags in their afterlife. Panasonic, I think we need to repurpose these into a nose trimmer toiletry/kit bag? What do you think?

  13. Henning Nielsen

    Great idea, and funny too. Love this way of advertising.

  14. woldemar

    I love it… really! the most effective ads – is a funny ads! This is goooooooood! put a monument to the creator!

  15. Erik Wiegers

    Superb idea!

  16. cherries

    ha, ha ha, ha ha ha? very weird………”hello! guess what? my nose hair is just about as long as a few electric wires!” its a bit gross actually…….

  17. superdit

    haha very funny, it’s very nasty of course if someone has a real nose hair like that ad

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