14 Cool and Creative Sunglasses

14 Cool and Creative Sunglasses

Collection of cool sunglasses and creative eyewear designs that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Zipper Sunglasses

Creative sunglasses designed by Lee Cooper and high-end eyewear brand Alain Mikli.

Zipper Sunglasses

Steampunk Glasses

Beautiful and unique pair of glasses styled in a steampunk fashion.

Steampunk Glasses

Slanties Eyewear

Based on ancient Inuit eyewear, each pair of slanties is handcrafted and engineered to be sturdy and reliable.

Slanties Eyewear

Solar Powered Sunglasses

The lenses of these sunglasses include solar cells that collect energy and then allow you to power your portable electronic devices.

Solar Powered Sunglasses

Censor Bar Sunglasses

These clever black bar glasses will help you hide your identity.

Censor Bar Sunglasses

Pyramid Sunglasses

Creative sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith’s OG Vintage Collection.

Pyramid Sunglasses

Gold Chain Glasses

BLESS Duo Fringe glasses from talented design duo of Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag.

Gold Chain Glasses

Kanye West Shutter Shades

Shutter Shades made popular by Kanye West in the music video for his song “Stronger”.

Kanye West Shutter Shades

Pyramid Stud Sunglasses

Unique A-Morir Barracuda Pyramid Stud sunglasses by Kerin Rose.

Pyramid Stud Sunglasses

Colorize Sunglasses

Ray Ban’s Colorize kit comes with markers and a pair of white-framed shades that you can customize.

Colorize Sunglasses

Line Sunglasses

New-age futuristic “Line” sunglasses design from MACKDADDY.

Line Sunglasses

Equalizer Night Glasses

Watsget glasses look like regular sunglasses during the day and then light up under black neon lights in clubs.

Equalizer Night Glasses

Gold Eyeglasses

Designed by Zhu Fei during gold jewellery competition in Beijing.

Gold Eyeglasses

Dripping Sunglasses

Cool melting sunglasses by Anna Ter Haar made for Klavers van Engelen fall/winter 2008-2009 fashion show.

Dripping Sunglasses

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  1. Cat Johnson

    Hmmm. I can’t say that I would rock any of these, but I do appreciate the design initiative.

    The solar glasses are cool. I can see this idea catching on and spreading to other accessories. I also like the EQ night glasses for the club. Very ingenious.

    Thanks for another interesting collection.

  2. Rebekah

    I would so wear the Colorize Sunglasses, since I would be the one designing them.

  3. bob-saget

    solar sunglasses…. because… um.. who doesnt enjoy staring at the sun?

  4. mike


    name’s kind of uh, teetering on a certain borderline.

  5. Hsoj Spillihp

    anything kanye west supports is a joke… kanye, you are not jesus, stop.

    …all the rest… sweet design.

  6. Mars

    those were great designs, but it seems they are hard to wear

  7. amanda

    I like Equalizer Night Glasses
    very morden

  8. Tony

    I’m with Cat Johnson.
    Wouldn’t really wear any, but the EQ ones are a cool idea.

  9. Tangle

    I think the solar ones are genius!! You could charge your phone whilst walking about!

    However, I doubt they’d be much use here in England… we never get any sun!

  10. tech-mad

    love the eq ones! where can i get one?!

  11. carlos

    the pyramid sunglasses look more like a nose sunglasses

  12. Chad

    Well, I got some good ideas for a Halloween costume. I think I’ll go as a LA film star with ridiculously huge lenses on my face. Anyone want to pose as my entourage?

  13. Jon

    i love the censor bar sunglasses lol

  14. Duncan Miller

    You forgot about Calvin Harris’s Fly Eye Spectacles.

  15. rweso

    Hey Kanye, the 90’s called and want their glasses back.
    Seriously, they were out in the late 80’s early nineties, nothing new about them.

  16. Graydian

    @ rweso there roaring back into fashion bby :D you can buy them everywhre

  17. Karen

    these are coool! but some of them are a bit too weird to like wear around the mall or something… cool though! i would buy the melting ones :P

  18. Karin Stewart

    I love the edgie design. All are very creative and YES I wouldn’t mind owning a lot of them!

  19. ase x

    some of these are badass and some are lame!

  20. Fredzup

    Kanye West invented nothing, did we forget the 80’s???
    Everybody had “slanties” formerly known as louvered.
    Old is new once again.
    Dig the blockouts and pyramid.

  21. Kitteh

    they all look like something lady gaga would wear. but they’re all very cool.

  22. hey

    i would totally buy the colorize rayban and the melting sunnies :)

  23. joojoo

    Dripping Sunglasses is perfect:D

  24. Raads

    the salnties eye wear makes the man look like he’s dum or blind (either can go) the Censor Bar Sunglasses are coooooooool, the Line Sunglasses makes the man look like he has only one eye, and the kanye west ones are ooooooooooooold n the steam punk and the Gold Chain Glasses are the best!!!

  25. looloo

    i would go with the “Gold Chain Glasses” LOL

  26. Clona

    haha lol i like the dripping and censor bar sun glasses

  27. sina1917

    Yeah…These sunglasses will sure protect you from ultra violet rays comming from sun.esp those golden ones…

  28. 0803060.e

    the drippin sunglasses are kool .. you could say that they are drippin cuz of the sun haha

  29. Matt

    The eq design is nice and all, but completely impractical. Wearing sun glasses, at night, in night club, in the dark, AND under a blacklight?

    Love the dripping ones though :)

  30. Chrissy Barrino

    First let me start with that i love all the glasses. My favorite glasses from 1 to 4. I would wear first the pyramid stud sunglasses, then the gold chain glasses, third censor bar sunglasses and last but not least the pyramid sunglasses! I love these glasses they are my swagg. If i can buy them please let me know. I would just die to have them. thanks Chrissy!

  31. Ellie

    All look like something will.I.am would wear

  32. Bakageta-Koto

    I can see Lady Gaga wearing each and every one of these.

  33. "G" Martin

    Where can I get a pair of the vintage steampunk sunglasses shown.

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