Futuristic Office Interior Design

Futuristic Office Interior Design

This beautiful futuristic office interior was designed by A-cero Studio for the Torre de Cristal (Crystal Tower) building in Madrid, Spain.

The emphasis was on dark tones: Grey walls and roof were combined with black-and-white furniture to create this clean professional look.

Office Interior Design

Office Interior

Cool Office Interior Design

Cool Office Interior

Office Furniture Design

Office Furniture

Modern Office Interior

Modern Office

Torre de Crista Office Interior

Crystal Tower Office Interior

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  1. latincrow

    cool office, anyone else thinks it looks a lot like the one from the movie “duplicity” but in different colors?

  2. unDave™

    I won’t use the word “futuristic” for this one…. it’s… omg…

    Looks good tho’

    -by unDave™

  3. Megan

    Beautiful furniture, looks like something straight from a movie. Love the chairs!

  4. Blaine

    bad guy hideout

  5. bunny

    Feels kind of oppressive for an office environment.
    Love the design, but the darkness is a little much.

  6. Cwmill

    agreed. does feel a little dark. perfect for hatching plans to take over the world.

  7. Rani


    I don’t know about the desk chairs but the one’s placed in a grid are “panton chairs”. Designed by Verner Panton.

  8. Kolin

    wouldn’t look out of place in the Burj Dubai, expensive and pointless.

  9. Kate

    It is easy to lose the reality in this interior, :-) everything is too curvilinear. I think, i’ll fill sick in this office.

  10. Final

    too dark

  11. Eric

    I would not feel comfortable working in these spaces.

  12. mr_biz

    lol @ final

  13. chuckiesd

    It really futuristic. Not only futuristic but it cool and elegant.

  14. Julianna Mahley

    It looks very “neat” but it will be a mess with people and papers strewn about.

  15. Jamface

    Psh, different people have different likings I guess. I like the darkness of it. It’s not TOO dark. If you look at the pictures closer, it’s kind of calming.

  16. Virginia

    Too, too dark and depressing to spend a lot ot time there. Any business setting up there would surely find it hard to hire taff and have a high turnover. The chairs don’t look any more uncomfortable than most chairs of that type but the sofas look like so uncomfortable. It looks like a designer is trying to put his imprint on the space rather than making it an attractive and usable workspace. I couldn’t work there and I doubt I would come back a second time as a customer.

  17. Karin

    I LOVE it!!! I’ll need a Star Trek suit to go along with tho!

  18. rowen

    Looks good, but not so comfortable as I expected, Now our factory can make such chair.

  19. Stephanie Horn

    I wish my office looked like this… yes please!

    I know some of you find it too dark and depressing. But it makes me feel kind of… tranquil. And I love how playful the lines and curves of the spaces/furniture are.

  20. Jan Pohl

    Love to see the interior design here, I would like to share your nice blog to my friends.

  21. un known

    this is ugly

  22. Alex

    great creativity.. great design.

    i m just loving it…

  23. Dave

    This office is BADASS!!

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