Interactive 3D Art

Interactive 3D Art

Creative three-dimensional paintings created by talented South Korean artists for the 3D Art exhibition in Hangzhou, China.

People were encouraged to interact with the art and pose for photos.

Chinese Interactive Painting

3D Art Exhibition

Interactive 3D Paintings

Interactive Paintings

Interactive Art

3D Art in China

Interactive Painting

3D Paintings

Interactive 3D Art in China

Chinese Interactive 3D Art

Chinese 3D Art

Chinese Interactive 3D Paintings

Interactive 3D Painting

3D Art

Chinese 3D Paintings

Chinese Interactive 3D Painting

Chinese 3D Painting

3D Art Exhibition in China

3D Painting

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  1. Ed

    I wish there was an exhibit like this around where I live! Looks like it would be a lot of fun.

  2. mi

    love this!!!! awesome!!!

  3. Art of Concept


  4. Gert

    This is SO much better done than the previous one shown.

  5. Sharyn

    That’s awesome! So creative and fun, it’s a great way to get kids more interested in art and to see people being creative in the way they interact with the art too.

  6. Enrico Martinez

    3D ART ATTACK!!!

  7. Siana

    the baby crying! LMBAO

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