Comb Shaped Like a Gun

Comb Shaped Like a Gun

Gun Comb promises to add some fun and excitement to your morning ritual.

Do remember that styling your hair in public with a comb inspired by a gun can be a little dangerous. [order]

Gun Shaped Comb

Handgun Inspired Comb

Handgun Comb

Gun Comb

Comb Gun

Gun Inspired Comb

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  1. Shelly

    Bet that won’t make it through airline security.

  2. David

    Great for practical jokes where you look like your going to shoot yourself in the head, but NOOO! its just a comb.

  3. Fred

    So how long before some kid gets suspended from school for this?

  4. heather

    …good point fred lol

  5. ajayjshah

    I like it. Don’t ask me why, I just do?

  6. 2LV2

    So why does it have to be a gun?

    “Don’t shoot, its only a comb, I swear!!!” BAM!

    I think this is a shape that is not socially acceptable anymore! (????)

  7. martim

    smart thing when some cop take a glance at night and think the guy has a weapon…

    even worst, “he thougth he had a weapon”…

    maybe im a little paranoid, but i don’t like it.

  8. Jonas

    Where to get it?

  9. chazzzz

    not the best idea for a comb, as it could so easily get you killed!!!

  10. Dably

    When I was kid, I had a flick knife comb.

    What about a hand grenade comb to help The Cure & Marilyn Manson fans and punks?

  11. Critical Eye

    Freaking bad idea.

  12. lanvy

    I can see the headline now:

    “Harlem student shot by mistake for arming his vanity with the wrong device.”

  13. Morty


  14. ilif

    It doesn’t seem comfortable to comb with that anyway.

  15. sebastian

    ya, thats worth getting shot over!

  16. Lisa

    Stupid idea… I would not have expected to see this on Toxel.

  17. Nelson

    i think everyone needs to relax a little bit, or a lot.

    freaking hell if you dont like it dont get it, and how many people carry combs around in public anyway?

    move on people.

  18. Simplicity??

    @ Nelson: This forum exists to promote and critique design. This is clearly an example of extremely bad design, and should be commented on accordingly.

  19. Karin L.

    That will either get you arrested or killed!

  20. Dably

    @Nelson. I agree with you. I read all comments, some of their are overreacted.

    This gun comb can only be dangerous if you live in a country where cops are hysterical. In that way, it’s not a comb which go to make you shot. Do a gun with your hands (like kids do), say “bang! bang!” to a cops and I think he’ll shot you. Or, simply:
    1. Go to the police
    2. Say: “My name is Farid. I’m a terrorist!”
    3. ????
    4. Profit!

    Anyway, everyday Tv shows sad story about people shot for nothing. So, I can understand a little bit the reaction of people who made comments. Just a little bit.

  21. Critical Eye

    Let’s forget, for a moment, about the problems with looking like a gun. It’s still a really bad design. Its more difficult to hold that a conventional comb, and significantly larger than it needs to be.

    Now, back to the looking like a gun… no need for insensitive terrorist comments. Think about someone seeing this from a distance, in low light… there’s definitely a safety issue here.

  22. Mo

    Hardly a posting that should be on Six different pictures on one comb?

  23. Fred

    I was merely commenting on the current retardation of school officials with reference to anything even resembling a gun. A kid was nearly suspended last week over a Lego gun… not a gun built out of Legos, but a little gun sized for minifigs that was less than 2 inches long. I can only imagine what would have happened if he had a history of drawing guns………

  24. Critical Eye


    Well, imagine that you were enrolled in a lower-income school where shootings are a reality. The product featured here is not a 2 inch lego model… it is about the same size and shape as a real gun.

    Can you see how a product such as this could be problematic?

  25. Trevor

    After reading all the comments, I like this design even more. It serves a very valuable purpose in reminding us of the inherent “design flaws” in our societies. :)

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