Gun Shaped Digital Camera

Gun Shaped Digital Camera

Creative gun shaped digital camera by Franziska Dierschke makes taking pictures even more fun – just point and shoot!

Unfortunately, Aimat gun camera is only a concept and is not for sale.

Gun Shaped Camera

Gun Camera

Aimat Gun Camera

Gun Camera Concept

Gun Shaped Camera Concept

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  1. Megan

    Haha, this design gives a literal meaning to the point and shoot cameras.

  2. Final

    Adults holding a ‘toy gun’ looks weird.

  3. Troy Peterson

    It’s probably good they didn’t make it more realistic :)

  4. Alfons

    Dont use this in Johannesburg…. It could be hazardous to you health!

  5. steve

    look’s like a wii mote

  6. Helena

    Yeah, fun, but this could get you shot. Paranoid police/gun-toting-civilians are everywhere.

  7. pimapen

    look’s like a wii mote

  8. Rachel

    I think it is dangerous. USB stick disguised as something else- yes. Digital camera disguised as a leathal weapon- absolutely no. I agree with Helena, could be dangerous.

  9. jingpi

    cool .i like it .

  10. Helene

    Like the “unfortunately” word in your opening title for this concept. Definitely would be a bad idea to use this camera in Ireland, would would definitely get you shot or subdued.

  11. Stefan

    have fun at the airport with it.

  12. delere

    Hopefully no one mistakes it for anything dangerous and shoots are real gun! Eeeek!

  13. Tony

    I don’t get what you mean Helene?
    Why not in Ireland ?

  14. Niyari

    get the neon green one if your that paranoid about paranoid cops, ‘sides it’s for fun and laughs

  15. Hsoj Spillihp

    TOOK MY IDEA!!! ARG!!!

  16. Pya


  17. FoxyBoxers

    no way helena we have the same name high 5.
    funny concept. i dont think you would be in danger, they dont make white guns, do they?

  18. daniel

    And a LED flash would be nice feature too. However I’m sure that a toy like this will get one in trouble – it’s just the question of time. Even if you make it white or green – all guns black in darkness. If nothing else, they’ll bust you on alien invasion allegations….

  19. James

    All law enforcement should be trusting enough that a gun shaped object is not a real firearm otherwise they should be fired. We don’t need any trigger happy cops out there, am I right?

  20. daniel

    Also, it’s not that adult clutching a toy gun looks ridiculous – it is a combination, where either the adult is not an adult (disturbing) or a toy gun is not a toy (more disturbing)

    Again, although I love the idea and would gladly own a 3d printer blueprints, I still think that it will get you in trouble, nowadays.

  21. timm

    this is as harmless as a squirt gun. I want one

  22. itsbrandnew

    VERY COOL!!!! But, it could get people in trouble :( ….

  23. jingpi

    i like it…cool..

  24. Darnell

    Take a picture of the president with it :D! I wanna see you on the news….I mean your cool pic when your done ;>.>

  25. konteyner

    But, it could get people in trouble :( ….

  26. Gwen

    It should come in safety orange!!! DUH! then there wont be any problems!!!! Use your heads people! haha

  27. Gwen

    Oh and I would VERY much appreciate compensation for the ORANGE idea when it goes into production and you sell millions! :)

    Just a little bit, I’m not greedy! :-D

    (Hey i gotta pay off student loans here… dont judge!)

  28. Dominic

    Where do I get one?? I want one with a flatblack color….lol

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