Clever Uses of Stickers in Advertising

Clever Uses of Stickers in Advertising

Creative uses of stickers in advertising campaigns by various companies.

Food Tray Sticker

Fun stickers were placed on meal trays on-board selected Malaysia Airlines flights making the captive audience “feel” their next holiday.

Food Tray Sticker

Lay’s Ceiling Stickers

Passersby in Chicago’s Jackson Tunnel were greeted with an overhead installation of potatoes breaking through the ceiling tiles, along with a clever message: “Our potatoes are grown closer than you may think.”

Lays Ceiling Stickers

Surfboard Sticker

Cool surfboard shaped floor stickers were placed on moving walkways to promote Demolicion extreme sport magazine.

Surfboard Sticker

Ski Lift Floor Sticker

While people were waiting for boarding, clever floor stickers gave them an impression of what their next vacation could be like.

Ski Lift Floor Sticker

Sumo Wrestler Sticker

Life-sized stickers of a sumo wrestler were placed on doors in Bangkok to demonstrate that Meiji milk makes you stronger.

Sumo Wrestler Sticker

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Clever stickers were placed in selected theaters in Brazil to promote Zoo Curitiba night tours.

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Beer Door Handle Sticker

Creative beer mug stickers were installed behind doors of restaurants and shops as a part of Tyskie beer advertising campaign.

Beer Door Handle Sticker

Apple Store Window Sticker

This creative sticker was placed on the storefront window to promote the power of iPod HiFi.

Apple Store Window Sticker

Anti Smoking Stickers

Clever stickers were places on cars and around smoking areas.

Anti Smoking Stickers

Zoo Safari Stickers

These stickers were placed on the windshield of parked cars to make the visitor imagine what it would feel like to be so close to a wild animal.

Zoo Safari Stickers

Duracell Stickers

Stickers of half covered Duracell battery compartments were placed at the start of escalators in major shopping malls.

Duracell Stickers

Folgers Coffee Manhole Sticker

Stickers with a top shot of a coffee mug were placed on top of steaming manholes in New York.

Folgers Coffee Manhole Sticker

Pirates of the Caribbean Pool Sticker

Clever sand stickers were placed on diving boards of swimming pools in Belgium.

Pirates of the Caribbean Pool Sticker

Batman Stickers

For the launch of Batman Begins, stickers were placed on footpath lights. At night when the lights were on, bat signal was created.

Batman Stickers

Pedigree Sticker

Stickers with Pedigree dog food were placed in front of supermarkets and pet stores.

Pedigree Sticker

Egg Stickers

Fun faces were printed on transparent stickers and then stuck to the eggs to promote the Wilkinson Quattro Titanium razors.

Egg Stickers

Amnesty International Manhole Sticker

Creative sticker with a message: “Thousands are held prisoners for their beliefs in places worse than this. Write until you free them all.”

Amnesty International Manhole Sticker

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  1. ajayjshah

    These are all classic. Very clever use of the environment around us.

  2. Dimi

    Ha! Very clever stuff

  3. Chicagoan

    The Jackson potato one grossed me out. That tunnel is so pungent. I didn’t want to think about my potato chips coming from there.

  4. Rafeek

    the result of great brains.

  5. Gsaint

    Poor Pedigree dog :)

  6. Chris

    Glowing stickers in theaters? Could be annoying?!

  7. mookie

    Yes, I had the same thought about the stickers in the cinema!

    Very imaginative though, all of them.

  8. Chris Baker

    Some great pieces, seen a number of these before and commented on them myself! Great collection.

  9. Jonn

    Awesome I’m sorry for the dog, very clever indeed

  10. Francisco

    Love the coffee mug and the ceiling stickers. Nice

  11. JK III

    Duracell and the coffee one are the bes.t

  12. Karin L.

    Some of these are pretty darn clever!



  14. marie

    I would not be happy to have someone put stickers on my car

  15. Frank

    Some of these are very cool and would instantly grab my attention. With all the clutter of ads trying to get our attention all the time, I think these cut right through the static. Great site!!!

  16. Matt

    These are a great way of grabbing attention of passers by. Definitely stand out a lot better than your regular billboards.

  17. Jaqi Mugo

    Brilliant ha ha! :D

  18. Voice

    Super fun images… they speak loudly and encourage interaction.

  19. Tony Abila

    Awesome CREATIVITY! :) :)

  20. Jason

    stupid dog thought it was real!

  21. Alain

    I agree – poor dog, cinema stickers that glow=annoying and my favourite was the Duracell & potatoes.

  22. Nadhie

    Great coffee!!!! nice.

  23. Reilly

    What is with these flat escalators? I’ve seen regular stair-like escalators, and those moving platforms that are on flat surfaces at the airports, but have never seen ones that go up and down while flat… interesting crossbreed.

    Anyways, these are great!

    The eggs are a little creepy, though… ha ha.

  24. shamith

    no words to say…

  25. Isaac Flitta


  26. Yeebaa

    We had an office poll and the coffee cup won! Brilliant.

  27. purplekoala1978

    what awesome ideas – love them!

  28. Rana Impune

    Amazing stuff!

  29. condetia

    We need more humo,r keep it up!

  30. akshay

    nice ! except the cinema hall one.

  31. rajesh satyarthi

    I think lay’s ceiling and Duracell are the best one because you can touch to investigate ceiling and you will be freaked to see escalators pad wide open.

  32. kristy

    so amazing
    hope to see more

  33. Joy

    These inspire me that by combine something together can create magic. The eggs are an example just doing that, though I don’t like those faces winking at me when I break the eggs.

  34. David

    Great uses of stickers. Very creative!!!

  35. Cat

    That was fun. Amnesty one got me…

  36. Michael

    Is it just me, or was there nothing special about the Pirates of the Caribbean sticker?

  37. Nicole E.

    Where can I get a zebra for my windshield? So cool :)

  38. Michelle

    I’m for the eggs. Crack a smile.

  39. Jordan J. Caron

    Surfboard on the escalator was the best but some other clever ideas.

  40. RichOh

    Duracell and Folgers do the best job with not only messaging supported by the placement, but also reaching a large but high comp of their target market.

  41. Laroi Jackson

    thanks for sparking a brain cell.

  42. Brendan

    Wow, what inspiration for creativity. the ceiling sticker is sick.

  43. Gabe

    These are witty and fun, but I have no trouble asking for my money back in a theater should they place glow in the dark neon green advertising in the corner of my eye during the film.

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