12 Cool Garage Door Stickers

12 Cool Garage Door Stickers

German company StyleYourGarage makes deceptively realistic garage door stickers that will cause neighbors, friends and passers-by to stop and stare.

These garage billboards, as they are known, are made from high-quality material and can withstand sun, rain, wind and cold weather.

Formula 1 Car

Formula 1 Car





Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar



Empty Garage

Empty Garage



Subway Station

Subway Station







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  1. yasmin

    well,it is cool~!

  2. GustaveCo

    They all look great. (except the subway station)

  3. Final

    Sweet too bad my country does not have garages


    Can I buy this to put on a BIG wall as a piece of art in my loft?

  5. Lushe


  6. arief

    cute elephant :)

  7. gatekeeper

    All of these are mocked up – look at the marks around each garage and they are identical. I could design a cool square photo and photoshop it onto a garage, doesn’t make me a new company…

  8. mark

    agree with gatekeeper – these look like digital mock-ups. I’d be interested to see how good they actually look printed out and stuck on to the garage door. My guess would be a lot worse.

  9. farshid

    very good!!

  10. Joas

    Formula 1 Car can I get that in Ferari!!!

  11. charubhashini

    its really awesome!

  12. Rik

    all really nice, but it’s not german, but Dutch!!! you know, Netherlands?!?!?!

  13. Diego

    Cool Stuff !

  14. Laurie

    They have a page where you can see them on actual doors… http://www.style-your-garage.com/appliance.php

    Pretty cool! Makes me want a garage.

  15. daniELLE

  16. latincrow

    love the empty one, figure some would slam into the door XD

  17. tim

    It doesnt’ matter if these are mock-ups! They look very awesome. Great idea.

  18. Karin L.

    Sure would be a conversation piece!

  19. jiggajiggo

    Like the horse :D

  20. delere

    I agree with gatekeeper and mark. These are mockups. The same pictures on real garage doors would not looks so tidy.

    Some may be more fun in a kids or entertainment room.

  21. pixelcow

    @Rik: It’s a german company located in Munich – at least according to the link in the article.

  22. Jaqi Mugo

    Tank and Jet! Like! :D

  23. Karen

    LOL! i want either the elephant one!

  24. eniko

    very good

  25. lora

    Hey, does anyone know where you can buy/order these?

  26. gagaukon

    holy cow… wish to have one of those.. the garage with tank should be useful whahwa

  27. avi

    lora, look at the link daniELLE gave on 3ed Feb.

  28. Mohammed

    BRILLIANT!!! Would be so cool to have one showing a transformer robot squeezed inside hiding like in the movie :P

  29. özlem

    basic idea, great results… love it

  30. anna

    i like the boat one

  31. josepf

    the fact that the garage is the same doesn’t mean that the photos are fake. They use the same garage to place one picrue after another in order to be able to show more samples in their catalogs. Just as furniture companies use the same room with different furniture. The vendor’s internet site shows pictures some of the same garages taken from different angles.

  32. Ron

    Sweet, I like the empty one and the one with the tank.

  33. Lintu

    cool. gold and horse is the best

  34. Piara Dhillon

    Does any body know where i can actualy get one?

  35. Samuel

    Where can i buy these decals wholesale…love this idea

  36. Gawen edwards

    Hello really interested in garage door stickers .where can I find out to purchase one ?

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