Egg Shaped House for your Backyard

Egg Shaped House for your Backyard

Cool egg shaped guest house designed by Belgian architectural firm dmvA.

Blob VB3 includes a bathroom, lighting, a bed and several niches for storage. It can also be used as an office and is easily transportable.

Egg Shaped Backyard Office

Blob VB3

Egg Shaped Office

Egg Shaped Backyard Guest House

Egg Shaped Guest House

Egg Shaped House

Backyard Guest House

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  1. Yuri

    Looks like a time-capsule!

    Very futuristic look!

  2. unDave™

    More like a Capsule-Corp house lol.

    -by unDave™

  3. Rob

    Nanoo Nanoo

  4. MMM

    Love the concept, hate the sleeping niche. Too small.

  5. latincrow

    dream office

  6. ajayjshah

    Throw a set of axles on it, some wheels and a hitch. It would make for a pretty neat trailer.

  7. passion

    wow,i wish i can have one.

  8. Mask

    So if i just bought some land and one of these, I could just live in it. and for extra space i could buy that office thing that looks like a coconut from the previous post. best. house. ever.

  9. forumlogic

    A giant suppository!

  10. bird


    aerodynamic too!

    great design

  11. René L. Laude

    Will somebody begin to describe how to crawl, in a sleeping bag, into that “sleeping niche”?

  12. Thomas Craig Consulting

    Wow, that is too cool.

  13. Diego

    Looking good !

  14. Aaric

    For those of you who thinks that the sleeping niche is not good enough, please don’t forget that there’s plenty of space on the floor.

  15. Ben Koshkin

    You need to add a Murphy bed arrangement for sleeping.

    Ben Koshkin

  16. Martin Chaov

    I think it is terrible. The free space is wasted, you can’t have a whole neighborhood with these, because people are going to live better in any block of flats… and will have more space for breathing and breeding :)

  17. sebastian

    who are these people that want to live or spend time in small spaces in the back yard, while not allowing for natural light?? where are these pod people?? there was a similar backyard office concept a few weeks backs….

  18. Dan

    @sebastian, I totally agree. Why not just build a kick-ass tree house?

  19. timmay

    that looks awesome, the coconut one a few weeks back i think is good for an office, but this one i think is good for storage or something

  20. Brissa Jordan

    I would be afraid a dinosaur from the Land of the Lost would come by and try and eat it with me in it!

  21. cloudweaver

    Like someone said, there’s plenty of space on the floor to put your sleeping bag :) perhaps the sleeping niche is just a way to underline that the house is mainly used as a backup storage room for any house.
    Although i’d rather live there in the spring summer time, if i had a nice backyard.
    I’d have its surface covered with the new solar panels that can be used on curved surfaces, at that point it would be an excellent addition to any house

  22. Person

    I absolutely love this! If I could buy one I would. Its amazing how it looks so small on the outside but inside it looks a lot bigger.

  23. youngin`

    great to scare someone awake and watch them hit their head on the top of the box thingy. *lmao* :p

  24. Anna Florey

    Why don’t they just put a small bed and maybe a chair on the floor of the house so there are places to sit and sleep? Where’s the kitchen?

  25. John X

    This would make a great man-cave! Gotta put a bar in it though. And a BIG screen TV !

  26. John X

    How much does it cost? and where can we order one?

  27. Debbie P.

    The blob will be auctioned off June 23, 2010 at Bernaerts Auctioneers, Antwerp, Belgium. It would be more awesome if it came with a custom trailer so you could haul it around for camping.

  28. Keaton

    Perfect for a Zombie Apoclyps

  29. ruiz

    what is this made up of? pure cement? fiber glass? there must be at least a foldable bed and a dinning table. watch the wolds greenest house, the one thats in a condo unit in china

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