Modern Tree House

Modern Tree House

Unique tree house, designed and constructed by Baumraum, is located in a small private garden in Munster, Germany.

Wooden structure rests on metal stilts above a pond. It is equipped with comfortable bed, modern furniture, large windows, and a terrace.

Tree House

Baumraum Tree House

Tree House Bedroom

Modern Treehouse

Baumraum Treehouse

Tree House Terrace

House on Stilts

Tree House Interior

Modern Tree Cabin

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  1. Jakob

    Modern tree houses dont need trees.

  2. Colleen

    It looks like more and more people are liking to live in tree houses these days :)

  3. Amanda

    …apparently not :/
    still kinda cool tho

  4. DJ Finn

    maybe its a tree house cause its as high as the trees and made of wood…

  5. coltrane

    too much house not enough tree

  6. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with all the above. :) The stilts idea is quite interesting and it’s worth expanding on but I still think a treehouse should be in a tree.

  7. yary

    it’s on water…it is a zombie fortress too!

  8. hoershey

    maybe it is not called a treehouse by the people who own it. maybe it is called a above-water house… I think, it’s not the name what makes it a good or a bad design.

  9. pTc

    That reminds me of the Young ones sketch with Bacon sandwhich the pig. ‘Is that a pig?!’, ‘NO! Its a Ferret!’

  10. ran

    super cozy i think….

  11. Feer

    loooooooved *-*

  12. No Name

    its look magnificent..

  13. Noes

    I think this is not a tree house but a small house near the trees. but I love it.

  14. Shandya


  15. Shu-Husan

    Epic!!!!! Want!!!!!

  16. Doc

    Since its on stilts, I think it should have a sign on what is the maximum number of people that can stay on top of it at any given time, and can it withstand bed movements?

  17. Conan Wu

    No curtains in the fourth, iam afraid i cant sleep well at dark night= =

  18. Patsy Ann

    I agree that it is technically not a treehouse. However, it is spectacularly cool! I wonder if it is warm enough inside, to watch the snow fall, on a winter night?

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