Egg Shaped Shower Concept

Egg Shaped Shower Concept

Designed by Arina Komarova from Russia, this beautiful egg shaped shower will look great in any modern bathroom.

Roca Cocoon shower and bathtub combo has won the main prize at the second annual RocaVision design awards.

Egg Shower Concept

Egg Shaped Shower

Egg Shower

Shower by Arina Komarova

Roca Cocoon Shower

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  1. Niyari

    aside from the ledge being a bit too high for me (being short) to step over, it’s really pretty~

  2. Reilly

    Coolio. This is awesome.

  3. Chad

    Sort of reminds me of the Darth Vader incubator.

  4. John

    Pretty! (:
    I like the concept.
    Wonder how much it costs. :/

  5. Brian

    lol i want one!

  6. Christa

    It’s beautiful, but I’m thinking it’d be a horror to clean. On the other hand, if you can afford a shower like this you’ll have someone to clean for you ;)

  7. ajayjshah

    Sweetness, contemporary…. nice.

  8. Dorothy

    It looks like a giant air freshener. :)

  9. Pete

    Nanoo Nanoo, or the place to put my helmet on over my scarred and bald head?

    Neat, and very pretty. Ledge seems a little high to step over. Assuming what you have to step into is still curved where your foot would hit, that could be dangerous. If the floor is raised up a foot or so (can’t tell) then maybe it’s ok, but getting out could be tricky.

    Just wish I knew a place with a bathroom that size. Pretty sure that bathroom is bigger than my master bedroom and bathroom combined :)


  10. chazzzz

    I like a lot, could I have a free sample please ? Could I put it in the garden, like a hot tub, but a shower. As to the ledge for getting in and out of … ( I am also quite short) it looks no higher than a bath, I sit on the side of my bath to swivel round into the bath, could do the same with shower, poss

  11. panubo

    and what if you are too high, it looks small for me


  12. Karin L.

    Lovely design!

  13. imagol4


    Oh, it’s “Cool” looking, sure. But impractical as hell, need a bathroom the size of most living rooms to contain it.

    Who would really want one in their house?

  14. Carmen

    looks like an air freshener

  15. Will

    Way to make bathing sexy guys ;)
    I love designs that truely make a spectacle out of seemingly average actions.

  16. BosluisTepel

    it only took second prize, not the main prize… get your facts straight toxel

  17. Enrique Ramírez

    ^ Toxel is just quoting design collector. They’re the ones who got it wrong.

    Nice shower. Height seems just fine to fit 99% of the people in the planet… I’m more worried about width. Seems like a big person would have some trouble inside, turning around or bending over to wash their legs.

    Seems also small for those times when you want to share the shower. ;)

  18. latincrow

    sooooo cool

  19. Jaqi Mugo

    Quite the Easter gift! :)

  20. iKaymarra

    that is sooooo cool, i would love to have one in my house.

  21. jnkm

    does it have water jets coming out from the sides as well?
    i guess u can always add a circular step to get out and in.. if ur capable of getting such a thing.. such space.. custom making a wooden step or sth like that for it wud b fab..
    i wonder where wud u have to put all the shampoo showering gel etc.. does it have this secret chamber inside to sort them?

  22. salma

    wow this is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!
    I’d love to have one, but i bet its expensive as hell!

  23. Kriz

    This reminds me of Lady Gaga

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