Hug Me Jacket

Hug Me Jacket

Creative jacket designed by Si Chan will hug you, hold you, and keep you warm during the cold winter days.

Unique winter jacket with soft hands will make lonely people feel hugged, protected, cherished, and loved. [photos by Sara Pista]

Hold Me Jacket

Hug Jacket

Hug Me by Si Chan

Winter Jacket

Hug Me Coat

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  1. smith

    the concept of this is a little disturbing, but i’d buy it.

  2. Joe

    That guy looks about as happy to be wearing that thing as I would imagine is possible for anyone.

  3. Betty

    This could have some therapeutic uses. I wonder what it looks like with the fingers dangling.

  4. Zack

    A smile from the model would be nice, rather than that back-alley-rapist-stare.

  5. reason

    Less like a hug than a group molesting.

  6. Gert

    I don’t feel hugged with hands around my neck myself…

  7. gunneos

    Am I seeing things or is that a photo of the model without his head?

  8. Max

    I’m not a hug-expert but I’n never experienced or seen a hug where the hands would lock themselves around a body or neck like these do… if anything it looks like one would hold the hands when they are praying.

    I don’t get why the head and hands are missing in some of the images.

  9. aokiharu

    I didn’t feel comfortable seeing this disturbed me a lot actually..

  10. Mark

    Its so creepy that no one even commented on the shoes. Dear Lord.

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