Modern Office for your Backyard

Modern Office for your Backyard

Archipod attempts to reinvent the concept of a traditional home office by bringing modern workspace and a peaceful working environment straight to your backyard.

Each garden office comes with an ergonomic semicircular computer desk, concealed background mood lighting, electric heater, smoke alarm, data ports and electrical outlets.

Modern Office

Contemporary Office

Outdoor Office


Office for your Garden

Backyard Office

Garden Office

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  1. heather

    o.O i want one <3

  2. yh

    It kind of reminds me of a coconut.

  3. Enrique Ramírez

    Throw in some good audio system and I’m sold!

  4. Sky_pirate

    I would LOVE one of those… It looks so cozy!

  5. unDave™

    Looks some Dragon Ball inspired lol.

    -by unDave™

  6. Reyndoo

    Very love it, so cozy!!! :p

  7. MochiPu

    I need one XD

  8. Fika

    cool….. ^^

  9. ajayjshah

    @yh I agree, that’s the first thing I thought too.

    Sweet though. Who wouldn’t want a quaint outdoor workspace?

  10. Curtis

    Outside looks like a artistic coconut.
    Inside looks like a luxury jail.



  12. RL Creative

    Aww….it’s so awesome :) I don’t have even a Backyard, but if I would, then I would have definitly need this Modern Office :D

  13. Cheer

    It seems dreary. I want more comfortable office chair, lower position of the ‘table’. And plants and colors.

    But anyway it’s a good idea!

  14. AdrianLee

    I wonder about the air ventilation inside… any air-conditioning?

  15. TrusteeD

    Where is everyone? Think I’d get lonely

  16. Tony

    @ AdrianLee ,
    Surely it’d be possible to put some form of chimney/exhaust system to it ?
    Good point though.

    I think it’s a lovely looking little thing.
    better than some wonky shed knocked up out of plywood.
    Good for Writers/ designers who need to get out of the house and have somewhere quiet to work in peace but don;t have the space inside the house.

    And when not in use, It blends nicely.
    I like the shingles too, perhaps if they were done in an untreated hardwood they would go a lovely silvery colour over time.

  17. Ozgur bilir

    Marvelous design…

  18. WillmaFingerdo

    i would put on a sponge bob costume and jump out of it

  19. Al_One

    Superbe, j’adore :)
    WillmaFingerdo : +1 !!

  20. Den

    I like it lots!
    The only thing I’d like is a bigger window, so I can look out when I give my eyes a break from the screen…
    And a mind blowing sound system, yeah!
    It’s very unique anyway as it is!

  21. KidStrong

    Reminds me somekind of Spongebob :) Who lives in a coconut back in the garden? :D

    Nice idea, would like to have one too!

  22. sebastian

    the windows are so tiny! why call it an garden office? you cant see the garden, lol. why not have 360 dgre windows? this archipod could be set up in your garage, you almost wouldnt be able to tell the diff.

  23. ThomasK

    DragonBall was the first thing that yome to my mind, too.

    very nice idea for home office, but a good audio system is totally neccessary :D

  24. Dude

    Seems almost reminiscent of Myst/Riven games…

  25. Pikanator

    OMG! Just like Myst!

    Just add a bed, a bathroom, and a fridge, it would be perfect.

  26. chazzzz

    need one, now !!!

  27. Diego

    Nice , it looks like a Coconuts but it’s like a spaceship from the inside . . .

  28. Julie

    Needs bigger windows I think! Let natural light in!

  29. delere

    Aw. It’s so adorable. Reminds me of small portable domes made by a company in Waco out of concrete. This one is way nicer looking like something you really want to spend time in. I’d have to do something with the glaring white everything inside. Too sterile. But that is easy to fix.

  30. delere

    It looks like there is a big skylight on the top, but I agree in that I’d want to see outside so more eye level windows.

  31. px42

    I shall name it Death Star

  32. corey

    Where do you go to the bathroom?

  33. some guy

    i bet if you brought a couple blunts in there itd hotbox nice

  34. Bruce

    I’ll take 2… I always wanted a big pair of boobs to be in all day long. One for file storage the other as a meditation pod.

    Don’t know if I’d get any work done but as a game room or zen yoga space or flotation pool, it could work.

  35. Jorge

    Cool! I want one…

  36. Mask

    the little port hole window made me smile.
    it would also compell me to paint it yellow and call it a submarine, but hey, thats just me.
    where do i buy this?

  37. JHG

    Looks really interesting! Why not if you have a garden… and an iMac!

  38. Sam

    Reminded me of a hobbit house, kinda. haha

  39. anna

    nice office ulike mine…..

  40. perfect101coco

    i think it is cute it looks like a telly tubby is going to walk out any time.I think it looks really spacios it just needs some popcorn and a microwave. It would be a nice theater room or nice make-up room. I love it!

  41. ProLithic

    Totally Cool, it stirs something in the Imagination, and feels very Cozy, Somehow familiar. I Want one, Really.

  42. Niyari

    I thought poorly disguise spaceship when I saw it haha

  43. verbalista

    Oh, I’m so jealous! The place is magic. I’m a writer and, even though I have a perfectly great home office, that place would give me the separation from my life (and distractions that call to me), that I need!!

  44. christopher haack

    that looks extremely claustrophobic. why aren’t there any windows? FAIL.

  45. Kaplang

    WOW I love it, I want one :)

  46. gooray

    This is an awful building, just made in order to fulfill their satisfaction. I could not see any point about why it is round or covered with that woodish material. Also it is absolutely NOT modern. Unfortunately putting an iMac does not make anything modern. Just an ornament, something interesting. That’s all. Bad architecture.

  47. theguy

    id like to have it so my desk would face towards the door, and yes windows, other then that, awesomeness!

  48. Karin L.

    Absolutely fantabulous!!!

  49. Critical Eye

    Looks good in the context of a design forum. I’m not sure if I’d actually put one in my back yard, though.

  50. DLGimages

    This is a true 21st century potting shed! I would have one of these in a heart beat !!!

  51. o more joy

    Does this have wheelchair access?

    I would need file cabinets and a bookshelf, and would love a similar area for serious crafts projects. Also tiny but functional bathroom would be nice, and a cozy chair for reading or working collaboratively with someone.
    But ultimately I love it!

  52. Roche One

    Great if you are not claustrophobic

  53. MrPGN123

    I want 5, 1 for my back door, 1 for my front door and the rest for gifts! I hope they are not too expensive!

  54. Corrine

    It’s a neat idea but the inside is way too sterile looking. I think I would die a little on the inside every time I stepped into that coconut.

  55. naysayer

    Seriously? You put a toilet in there and it would be an over-designed outhouse. There is nothing about this that resembles an office except the computer.

    And is there a reason for the pod shape and porthole window? If you take the desk out it would look like a room where you would keep a psych patient who should be kept away from sharp things.

  56. Reilly

    I’d love one… just need more of a backyard…

  57. Mike

    I NEED one of these! Oh the solitude, peace and quiet.

  58. Mike

    What is the purpose of being round except to make the structure much more difficult to build?

  59. Debra

    I agree, it does look like a coconut, but I’d still like to have one. It looks so calm and distraction proof!

  60. Russell Halliwell

    This is a perfect answer to my problem want something in the garden that is an office but does not look like a shed that is practical and interesting to look at. Perfect

  61. Max

    Yeah, no. Too round. I need more pacing space than that. But it does make me crave a mounds bar.

  62. Dan

    Just like a MAC this workspace is pretty, cool and completely impractical. Also, the only good reason to have one is point out how ‘cool’ you are or because you lack skills making you able to work in a normal environment.

  63. Henry

    Dan, why do giant outdoor coconuts always bring out people’s self-esteem issues?

  64. Daniel Bidmon

    I love it!

  65. Nigel Lamb

    Perfect for the bottom of the garden. And being round I can think of lots of other things I could put in there just to finish if of perfectly.

  66. axiom

    well, if i’d put something like that in my garden, i’d want a bigger window than that porthole

  67. dino


  68. Steve

    I need one ;-) ….but without the apple pc ;-) …crap maschine who cost to much with bad support.

  69. Susanna Jade

    way cool, I want one yes, but with more windows please!

  70. Cheshire

    You built a spherical shed. Good job… I’m having a hard time seeing the point.

  71. Mikat1

    Lol i would love to have an office like room like that.

  72. Fudge-o

    who lives in a pineapple under the sea!

  73. Seb

    This is really awesome !!!
    (And maybe even affordable ?)

  74. John Watters

    Does it come with wheels? Beats a Prius and if it can double as a car, it may be the first I have found I can go to the bathroom in!

  75. rod rodriguez

    I like this, what an awesome idea! hahahaha…

  76. Ron

    Super Kool Awesomeness

  77. Ed

    Genius! A space to call your own! How Cozy it must feel. I especially love the hatch door and the attention to detail of the paving path circulating around it. I would say it cost a pretty penny or two, and quite a bit of effort and planning to say the least so Kudos to you, all those other smart arses would just never bother making their dreams.

    I can imagine the rain on the enter dome being very soothing then watching the fluffy clouds go by above you like your floating in the sky.

  78. Ed

    holy bat caves, i just clcked on the link you can buy it for 12,000 pounds!!!!!!

    eh no thanks.

  79. Bear

    I like the concept but would want lots more air! Perhaps a drop down flyscreen to let air and light in so it wasn’t so claustrophic!

  80. Nikopol

    Nice , if only the door would open sidewayas

  81. aaron

    actually, in building a spherical building such as this, it is normally composed of many small triangles and is actually a lot cheaper and uses less materials than would a normal house of the same size.

  82. Domus

    Love it, maybe having a backyard to put it on!

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