Backyard Office Hidden in Logs

Backyard Office Hidden in Logs

Modern log cabin designed by talented Dutch architect Piet Hein Eek to serve as a backyard rehearsal studio for Hans Liberg.

As an added bonus, the structure is equipped with wheels that allow it to be easily transported if needed. [photos by Thomas Mayer]

Office Built from Logs

Hidden Log Office

Log Cabin

Log Office Interior

Modern Office

Modern Backyard Office

Log Office

Modern Log Cabin

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  1. Sachawinter

    haha adorable

  2. Beeb

    I want one of my own!! Serene alone time, it looks like to me.

  3. bird

    that’s so cool, i would totally buy that

  4. oyik

    very nice, very inspiring :)

  5. Art of Concept

    Neato!! Very nice!

    If it was bigger, you could even have a party inside without your uninvited neighbor noticing it :D

  6. panubo

    it gives a whole new meaning of a tree house :P


  7. Mask

    Epic. I’m going to go and make myself one.

  8. DaRocketeer

    Looks like it could double as a hunting blind. Very cool idea and great execution.

  9. anna



  10. enav

    OMG i love it

  11. Karin L.

    Really cool!

  12. Kenny Glenn

    probably the coolest office ever.

  13. linou


  14. Tyron Bache


  15. geepee

    great design

  16. Zona Musisi

    wow, interior is fine and nice look!
    I like it!

  17. chetan haria

    mind blowing idea.. am jealous as cant have in city.

  18. James Anzalone


    I’m in love, but the inside leaves me wanting something a little different.

  19. Michele

    I would have chosen a different colour for the interior.

  20. brent

    This is very creative. I would if it gets cold in the winter.

  21. M Koch

    It looks great, but its seemingly ‘primitive’ exterior look is not primitive. How are those end pieces attached- probably acrylic modified mortar, etc.etc. Don’t get me wrong- I like the rustic minimalist exterior with the minimalist austere interior- but it cost a bundle! The less there is in the way of trim, the more demanding the craftsmanship for the rest. Great if you can afford it, or have the skills, time , and money to do it yourself. That said- what a cool contrast of material!

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