Slim Apartment Building in Japan

Slim Apartment Building in Japan

Modern apartment building designed by Mitsutomo Matsunami from Japan.

Beautiful seven-story building takes up only 1,200 square feet of land and houses ten apartments of various sizes.

Slim Apartment Building

Slim Apartment

Apartment Building in Japan

Slim Apartment in Japan

Apartment Building

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  1. sean

    simply beautiful. that’s good architecture.

  2. PauL B

    minimalistic veiw on an apartment block..preety crazy but too sic! Less is more!

  3. Joas

    Well We have enuf space in africa!!!

  4. Petter


  5. Chad

    Love it!

  6. timmay

    i guess only the skinny people would be able to live there.

  7. may

    This is clearly for a single person not a family…

  8. Urban Gardens

    The Japanese have found ways to build on no property and also to house people in the tiniest of spaces, including rolling homes and converted shipping crates. Wow.

  9. aditia

    good design but still hoping for eco friendly building

  10. Moo

    Looks beautiful. Assuming it’s sturdy, I’d totally live there.

  11. Art of Concept

    LOL, the little house to the right looks so ridiculous now!

  12. Raads

    WOW! did u see the corridor though! its just a bit thin for my likin!

  13. kals

    wow.. unbelievable..

  14. barbara

    I really like the design but I’m not sure to appreciate living in it !

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