Ear Cases for your iPhone

Ear Cases for your iPhone

Creative iPhone cases designed to look like realistic ears of different people.

EARonic cases by Daniela Gilsanz are available in five unique designs that will help camouflage and protect your iPhone.

EARonic iPhone Cases

EARonic iPhone Case

EARonic Case

Ear iPhone Case

For more unique cases, check out: DIY Case and Hand iPhone Case

  1. GustaveCo

    Clever & stupid at the same time. What does that mean?

  2. BNT

    for having deferent earings!

  3. randomdriver

    Great, now the coppers might miss that I’m driving while talking on the phone!

  4. Critical Eye

    No dark-skinned variants?

  5. The Hooded Claw

    It might disguise the phone but people will wonder why you are holding your “cheek” like that…

  6. c

    Do they have hand doubles or something? makes their hands look so freakin’ huge

  7. Art Geek

    Imagine a left handed person using it.

  8. Pearl Lambie

    Nah, no doubles. It’s just how the camera lens distorts the field. Whoever took the photos should have taken them from farther away. That would’ve prevented the “giant hands” effect.

  9. Erin

    Picture #1 with the guy… that is a very, very large hand.

  10. collabcubed

    @critical eye: Yes! There’s a dark-skinned variant.
    @c: We actually DO have freakishly huge hands. ;]

  11. Gert

    That’s what she said Erin.

  12. Ms

    Oh, the things people come up with…

  13. daniel

    it camouflages it as much as a elphant in neon pink pyjamas at a slumber party for ants..

  14. seb

    No left handed options?

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