Hand Carved Wooden Sneakers

Hand Carved Wooden Sneakers

Paul Coudamy, a talented French architect, has designed a series of hand sculpted wooden sneakers for K-Swiss footwear company.

The concept of Woodwalk is founded on a principle of distortion, a temporal contraction in which the Swiss country shoe of 19th century is crossed with the urban shoe of the 20th century.

Woodwalk by Paul Coudamy

Woodwalk Shoes

Sneakers made out of Wood

Sneakers carved out of Wood

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  1. unDave

    Neat! Better than the bread ones, i’ll surely use one of these!

    -by unDave™

  2. ajayjshah

    This is art. Yet what a waste. You know, wood doesn’t grow on trees..

  3. Final

    waste of resources

  4. Critical Eye

    Wasteful? Yeah, I guess so. But I bet that the energy used to run the server on which Toxel.com resides has a more profound impact on the environment than chopping down the tree used to make those silly shoes.

  5. forumlogic

    Whimsy … as if the evolution of footwear took a different route … makes you think about the choice of materials used for realising a design, the possibilities and the limitations. Point taken, nice!

  6. Chad

    Might be cool to preserve a memory . . . like your kid’s first pair of sneakers.

  7. Karin L.

    OK….sorta like Danish clogs.

  8. yoteun

    love them :)

  9. txl kid

    i’d wear em

  10. Fresh

    These are incredible awesome, and I’ll bet, surprisingly comfortable

  11. anna

    how do you run in these shoes?

  12. Hendrik

    “OK….sorta like Danish clogs.”

    @Karin L.

    These kind of clogs worn in the Netherlands. Not Danmark.

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