Book Sculptures

Book Sculptures

Beautiful and creative sculptures made out of pages of recycled books by talented artist Jodi Harvey-Brown.

Three-dimensional characters emerge from old books and remind us of their wonderful and fascinating stories.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Book Art

Face of Knowledge

Face of Knowledge

Millennium Falcon

Book Sculpture


Book Art

Flower Vase

Jodi Harvey-Brown

20000 Leagues Under the Sea

Amazing Book Art

Amish Country

Pop Up Book Art

The Great Composer

Book Art by Jodi Harvey-Brown


3D Book Art

Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer Book

Aloha Island

Carved Book


Bring Me A Unicorn


Book Carving

Book Clock

Book Clock

Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind Book


Book Carving by Jodi Harvey-Brown


Beautiful Book Art

Alice in Wonderland

Pop Up Book Art by Jodi Harvey-Brown

Pandora’s Box

Pandoras Box

Pirate Ship

Book Carvings by Jodi Harvey-Brown

The Kingdom Within

Book Sculptures by Jodi Harvey-Brown


Book Artist Jodi Harvey-Brown


Book Carvings

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  1. reason

    Of course there’s a Star Wars example. Get over it people.

  2. Gert

    Get over what exactly? Star Wars? Why? Does people enjoying things offend you somehow? There’s also Gone with the Wind, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter. Should everyone get over those too or JUST Star Wars?

  3. Erin

    love the flower vase

  4. eternalchimes

    These are undeniably beautiful… but books shouldn’t be “recycled” like this. They should be kept somewhere for others to read in the future.

    Still, kudos to the artist.

  5. Karen

    SO MUCH TALENT! Although it hurts me to see pages all cut and folded, these are undeniably good.

  6. Dustin

    Star Wars is forever!

  7. Kid

    “…but books shouldn’t be ‘recycled’ like this.” I get it, you still complimented the artist, but really?!

    Everyday I see amazing things on this site only to be accompanied by some holier than thou comment. It’s art. Stop taking the piss out of everything. I hate some of the commenters on this site.

  8. kadal

    there’s no limit to art creation, we can make art from any object and in art we can make any object, including star wars :P
    and this art is great, i like them all…cheers

  9. Nmc

    I luv it they are all amazing!

  10. marius

    this once was called origami

  11. Jess

    I love these sculptures and it just so happens I am teaching deconstructed books-what wonderful examples to use!

  12. Doris

    Brilliant work. Ignore those that say the books should be kept intact. Commenters Karen, Kid and Eternal chimes have it all wrong. This is a beautiful way to recycle books. Thank you for sharing your vision.

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