BikeBox24 Motorcycle Garage

BikeBox24 Motorcycle Garage

Storage locker designed for scooters, motorcycles, choppers, and bicycles protects your bike from sunshine and rain.

BikeBox24 Motorcycle Garage – a fortress for your wheels made with a galvanized steel frame and impact-resistant, UV-resistant plastic.

Park your bike in secure locker, recognized by insurance companies as a full-fledged garage.

Suitable for various two-wheeled vehicles, it has permanent ventilation, requires no building permit, and can be bolted to the ground if necessary.

The high-tech plastics used make it lightweight and easy to maintain, offering a versatile and reliable storage solution.

Spend more time riding and less time worrying about your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Box

Portable Motorcycle Garage

BikeBox24 Motorcycle Locker

Portable Motorcycle Locker

Motorcycle Garage

BikeBox24 Garage

BikeBox24 Locker

Motorcycle Locker


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