Modern Office in Paris

Modern Office in Paris

PONS + HUOT office designed by Christian Pottgiesser is equipped with transparent dome shaped workspaces instead of regular cubicles.

Large wooden desk also serves as a ceiling for the recreation room.

Modern Office

Creative Office

Transparent Office Spaces

Cool Office

Dome Office

Bubble Office

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  1. Moist Popcorn

    For a lot of space in the room, the bubbles make your actual work space very confining.

  2. Erin Maree

    I love it :) The bubbles don’t actually seem that confining, as it allows you to have your own personal space in the room :) The trees growing around in the office are a nice touch too :)

  3. A person

    gives a whole new meaning to “personal bubble”…or a literal one…

    but it’s kind of nice, makes it look more open

  4. Ali

    I actually love everything except for the bubbles. I’m sure it cuts down on any noise, tho… I just prefer open air myself. :D

  5. Dana

    Cool space, but I could do without the cones of silence.

  6. cerulean

    This is very beautiful and very fairytale. what I wouldn’t give to work in a space like that.

  7. Cécile

    Although the bubbles do look quite confining, I’d think it’s probably more comfortable and less confining than the usual cubicles :)

  8. Michał

    For me the stairs are the best part :)

    I hate the bubbles – because of them the workspaces look tiny for a giant office.

  9. forumlogic

    Truly ghastly. Twisted “designer” trees and human goldfish.

  10. Crumpet

    Modern Workspace in Paris: Brought to you by the letters ‘L’, ‘S’, and ‘D’

  11. Zoolo

    I think that round glas is giving u a really nice headache …. imagine all the small lights around u reflecting on that glass… looks nice but if u ask me a little bit unpracticle.

  12. Art of Concept

    I second Zoolo…I can imagine all lights reflecting on it and they are so small, would drive me crazy…but maybe they do help to reduce background noise.

  13. Gert

    I’m guessing this is for a call center. I think it might have been nicer had they spent the money on employee’s paychecks and less on ‘design’. The bubbles are practical if the intent is noise reduction but it’s offset by the stupidity of trees over you. Hello… trees shed leaves… on you. what if someone is allergic to them? Or the mold in their soil etc?

    Great ‘design’ horrid office. Tons of wasted space. You don’t need unused desk space if you have bubbles around people who are actually working. The ‘designer’ is not familiar with practical use of equipment.

    Then again, I work in engineering, I feel the ideas coming out of your head are more important than the office being ‘pretty’.

  14. VinceVega

    It might look elegant, but I’d hate to be sentenced to working in one of them.

    Look..either leave it open or put up walls…not

  15. Ti @ Cafe

    Explain to me why you need to have the bubble. They have a huge desk, but they must stuff everything inside the bubble. If they put it outside, it is hard to reach.

  16. Juliee

    very nice!!! but what is its a bit small and u need the job and you cant go someplace else and ure claushtraphobic

  17. Doink

    Judging by the way i’m “expanding” my stuff even to my colleague’s desk, those bubbles would be a real pain for me :D

  18. nanobelle

    Very elegant. Nice use of space and ergonomic too.

  19. Diana Hirsch

    I wonder about the sound inside the bubbles. Is it very “reverberative?” Does the sound of your voice come back at you, almost like an echo? Does it harden the sound of your voice?
    Also, I wonder about the movement of air in and through the bubbles. And what if you have to scratch something? Does everyone get to see everything? Big Brother is definitely watching.
    No, thanks.

  20. Anna

    now you can tell people to get out of your bubble

  21. Mark

    looks like it could be a video game platform, like a map out of Halo

  22. judi

    … would be nicer if the bubbles dropped down — pull up when you need to take a call or really focus, drop it for general work. And I’d prefer that office to the typical sea of soul-killing gray cubicles – yuk.

  23. rich

    I don’t see this a very successful office design in a collaborative environment. Additionally, I would want to make sure I don’t burp in my own bubble.

  24. Seth

    Can the design of the cone echo back the soundwaves so everyone can hear. I think i will go crazy in the cone. I can’t handle small spaces as that.

  25. TheGuy

    Good concept, the only improvement I’d say would to make the “bubbles” retractable somehow. That way when you need to concentrate you can and when you want to be able to talk to co-workers you also can.

  26. Duzn T. Matter

    It should be pointed out that it would be unfortunate to have your flatulent linger around in the bubble, although you can take comfort in knowing that nobody would hear it but you.

    Confucius says, “Man who farts in church, sits in his own pew”

  27. hellowyellow

    bubbles add the nice design element but design also must stand up to it’s function.
    1) bubbles are curved, meaning when you look from inside your views are concaved which over time hurts your eyes.
    2) If anyone had worked in an office space before, having your own private place is essential. Having a clear wall would not establish any privacy.
    3) Can anyone imagine cleaning the bubble everyday? not to mention you would be breathing your own already-breathed-oxygen all day. Also over time clear glass will be scratched, or become misty.

    overall good concept, but looks like the designer have never worked in an office space to realize what is really needed in working 9-5 jobs and what isn’t. Would not want to work in a bubble.

  28. hihi

    add sun glaze and heat collected over glass.

  29. Timich

    Bad idea. Little space. When I look at the pictures I get a claustrophobia. Trees are like. Maybe I am missing data, but it seems not very well turned out

  30. tarek

    Interesting conception of a work space cohabitating with trees!!!
    for the bubbles it would be nice if they are removable depanding on the worker’s will and i worry about the condensation on in it..

  31. zerian

    UNPOPULAR OPINION I really like the bubbles. Everything is so open, and they really define the workspace.

  32. Davide Jenkins

    I’ve designed furniture systems office chairs etc, and this is the most refresshing work envoronment I’ve seen in a long time. interesting how many people worry about the little housekeeping details tha could be dealt with. FABULOUS!

  33. Bill Wickham

    Very Cool…love to see the next iterations as we all learn from this work/fun space evolution!! Smiles all around!!!

  34. Bill Wickham

    Here is an idea…the bubble becomes your connection to the world…no more computer monitor…the “ecosphere” becomes your link to your connected global team, etc. Very exciting opportunities…

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