Kid’s Republic Bookstore

Kids Republic Bookstore

Amazing playground inspired children’s bookstore, designed by SAKO architects, is located in Beijing, China.

The walls of are covered with bookshelves and round windows double as relaxing reading areas.

Kid’s Republic bookstore sells children’s books from all over the world.

Kids Republic Store

Kids Republic

Window Bookstore

Kids Bookstore

Childrens Bookstore

Fun Bookstore

Children Bookstore


Reading Kids

Amazing Bookstore

Rainbow Bookstore

Kids Playing

Bookstore Staircase

Bookstore for Kids

Bookstore Entrance

Poplar Kids Republic

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  1. Lady Bee

    What an amazing bookstore! It looks so relaxing and whimsical. Of course they can do things like that in China, try that in America and you’ll find chewed up gum on the bookshelves and empty water bottles all over the place.

  2. Lilia Smiles

    I agree with Lady Bee about the gum and trash. The only possible downside is that the Chinese government probably keeps a strict inventory on what kinds of foreign books can be sold.

  3. Betty

    Wow! that is a gorgeous store. I’d make a special trip just to spend the day looking at picture books there–I bet Chinese kids have water bottles and candy wrappers too! ;-)

  4. Mel

    Just amazing! I wanna build a room like that to my kids lol

  5. Douglas

    OK mommy, can I go home now and play my Wii?

  6. Amy

    for kids?
    bugger that, I’m going to sit there all day and read in that bubble window seat.

  7. El Spaniard

    Mi gusta!

  8. Mark

    The Manga Museum in Kyoto is like that, only better, & much much bigger.

  9. kat

    we did something like this in Thailand, anyhow its actually the library not bookstore here.
    It’s a cool place for teenagers,as far as i saw, no gum or trash all around as the librarians are quite strict.

  10. SuperNymph

    I just searched the Manga Museum in Kyoto on google images; and its sure a nice environment…but nothing out of the ordinary. The architecture has no distinct essence of innovation about it, it’s just like any other library tbh.
    This library however is packed full of innovation and creativity.

  11. Khairul Muhammad

    OMG! This is a dream!

  12. Ru

    I wish this was a library instead of a bookshop. Some bookshops can be downright rude about people reading the books…

  13. neelam

    Cool store. very calming environment for kids as well as adults.


    The walkways hanging around the room don’t look very safe…

  15. Anna

    this bookstore is so awesome!

  16. flora

    not as good as the photos here. not as large and striking. better than average may I say so?

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