XOX Chair by Xingcheng Zhu

XOX Chair by Xingcheng Zhu

Nature inspired chair featuring X-shaped wooden legs and O-shaped seat seamlessly fits into a modern home or a more traditional living space.

XOX Chair designed by Xingcheng Zhu redefines contemporary seating.

Circular cushioned seat of the XOX Chair cradles your body, drawing inspiration from the flowing rivers and bending tree branches.

Transparent structure of the chair offers comfort without obstructing the view, creating a spacious and open feel in any room.

Made from natural wood, the XOX Chair exudes warmth and emphasizes sustainability in its design.

Modern seat crafted out of PET transparent material, recycled from plastic bottles, provides comfortable and eco-friendly sitting experience.

XOX Chair created to bring the wonders of nature into your living room.

Xingcheng Zhu

XOX Chair

Xingcheng Zhu Chair

Chair by Xingcheng Zhu

Xingcheng Zhu XOX Chair

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