Animal T-Shirts

  1. tom riddle

    oh my gosh! these look so real, i want one!!

  2. DV

    Awesome!! These are fantastic!

  3. Ninja Egg :D

    Really cool. They were made for me! I want them!!! :D
    Very realistic too!

  4. Reason

    These PhotoShop composites look cool. The question is whether the printing could fulfill the concept.

  5. workspace

    I’d love to see photos of people wearing these.

  6. Betty

    If one could make a tee shirt that looked just like these, they would be pretty impressive on the right body type.

  7. Doink

    @reason: it is possible with DTG printing. The Predator LPC printer will do this, but the machine is damn expensive – 100k !

  8. Dominic

    LOL rotiweiller is awesome….

  9. vero

    They are awesome.
    I think the one of the rottweiler is the the greatest, the sleeves look like ears.
    and the one of the tiger is the worse, logically, it is difficult because of the stripes

  10. tt

    They are very nice. But hurry! Quick! Take them down before the hipster kids see them!

  11. Waleed

    I m in love with these t-shirts!!! And i want one!!

  12. Nora

    nice shirts but my breasts would look like a strange bump on the animals head..

  13. Zetau

    These are great composites (e.g., Photoshop) but are not photos of printed shirts. If you look closely at each shirt, all the animals are composited onto the exact same shirt photo (compare the folds and creases).

    @Nora: in your case, it would best to go without a shirt. ;o)

  14. KadaL

    wow….i want them all

  15. MMM

    @ Nora, they would just look like the eyes were bulging!

  16. Nora

    @MMM wow I didn’t think of that… :D but im not sure if i want my boobs to look like bulging eyes :P

  17. Euto

    Rottweiler one is so real !!!!!!
    Can i get one ?

  18. The Mountain

    Thanks for the post about our shirts, if you want to check out our full line you can go here: We ship worldwide! Or if you’d like to see folks wearing our shirts, you can check out our FB galleries here: Thanks again!

  19. Andrey

    Cool! But Panther looks like monkey-grandfather))

  20. Philip

    Nice beautiful shirts!

  21. James

    I have 2 and bought a bunch for my friends haha, they are very silly and fun!

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