Gloves You Can’t Take Off

Gloves You Can\'t Take Off

Unusual shark skin gloves with thousands of sharp thorns on the inside are impossible to take off.

If you decide to put your hand in, mic-rose thorns will lock your hand in place and bite the skin if you try to remove the glove.

Gloves for life – the ultimate commitment. Designed by Sruli Recht.

Sharkskin Glove

Sharkskin Gloves

Thorns In Glove

Thorn Glove

Thorns In Sharkskin Gloves

Thorn Gloves

Thorns In Gloves

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  1. Barrie Hall

    ? Not sure the statement here.

  2. donteatgoldensnow


  3. Glenn


  4. NE DO

    Hahahaha this artist has a dark sense of humor.. :D

  5. Lola

    Lovely but what exactly is the point of these?

  6. Gert

    Machiavellian. :D

  7. Schmavis

    Now I know what I’m getting “The Boss” for Christmas this year ;)
    (Anonymous Office Gift)
    Now, does he have any shark skin condoms?

  8. Gabz

    The points are plenty =D

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