Discovery Channel Shark Building

Discovery Channel Shark Building

In celebration of Shark Week 2010, Discovery Channel’s office building in Silver Spring, Maryland was transformed into a giant shark.

Five inflatable pieces (head, two side fins, dorsal fin and tail) were hoisted into place by a crane and securely tied down with cables and ropes.

Discovery Channel Building

[photo credit: Sara R]

Inflatable Shark

[photo credit: Sarah Meharg]

Inflatable Shark Building

[photo credit: Ami Tamura]

Giant Shark

[photo credit: Alyson Hurt]

Shark Building

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  1. Senthil Balakrishnan

    Great, If not discovery, nationalgeo channels these majestic creations of god will never be noticed by human kind.

  2. Arkwright

    God I love sharks.

    It’s a shame our only common interests are eating and stalking each other.

  3. Dwin


    It’s obvious you are just trolling for anger by posting creationist blather on a science forum. Good luck with that.

    Faith means not wanting to know what is true. – Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. weiming

    erm, i think hes just thanking these channels for greater awareness…why read so much into it?

  5. Julie

    Shark building is awesome :D

    (Since when was this a science forum?)

  6. Kirvi Inci

    I think that the first commenter was just saying that without these groups, alot of us would never see such fine animals.

    I also think this is brilliant marketing for Discovery. It really makes you do a double take. I wonder if this is next to a busy street or highway?

  7. mussman

    Now, THERE’s a company not hurting financially!

    Talk about expendable cash…

  8. satisfy25

    @Mussman…I totally agree….. Great marketing tool as well….

  9. Betty

    Does the shark have a tail fin??

  10. Deanna

    @Kirvi Yes the Discovery building is right in the middle of downtown Silver Spring.

  11. Greg


    If Sentil’s goal was to ‘troll’ as you put it, then aren’t you the chump who took the bait?

    At any rate, it’s fun to see the sharkified HQ.

  12. ken

    You guys should sell this to the San Jose sharks when your done with it…!

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