Ghosts of World War II

Ghosts of World War II

Unique photo series by Sergey Larenkov, a talented Russian artist, features World War II era photos combined with recent shots of the same locations.

World War II Moscow

World War II Berlin

World War II Tank

World War II Soldiers

World War 2 Soldiers

World War 2

World War 2 Berlin

WW2 Soldiers

World War II Vienna

World War II

For more inspiration, check out: Looking Into the Past

  1. Kate

    technically it could be better, but the idea is great!

  2. Celzn

    Yeah, I agree with Kate.

    Very brilliant concept.

  3. Betty

    I get it, but I might get more out of it if I were Russian or had a greater connection to WW11. This is a great concept because it’s vitally important to remind the modern world what can happen if people are not aware of what their government is up to and will be forcing them to participate in. There is no need to be paranoid, but, educated.

  4. bird

    that is one of the coolest things I have seen all summer. I want to try that with my own photos

  5. Ben

    Excellent, I love it!

  6. Toasty O's is a good place to look for nice high res photos to try this out with.

    You don’t have to be Russian to appreciate the deep connection to history that many places have. Thank you Sergey, for doing the work on this.

  7. Klaatu

    That is fantastic…Technically it’d great too…That’s not easy taking photos from the exact same angle.

  8. L Bell

    That is tremendous stuff! The historical relevance FAR outweighs any criticism from the p-nut gallery.

  9. Philip Walker The Late Night Stalker

    I dont usually comment on this site. But this is amazing.

  10. Liz

    The concept of what the world was like…as compared to now. I love these photos knowing what was right were these people are standing now, where cars are parked and where its all been “cleaned” up.
    Its amazing how things change but stay the same.

  11. Raymond

    This is not about technical perfection. Read this story



  13. JamJam


  14. gary b

    i agree, technically it could be better, great idea though… it just looks like someone used the eraser tool in PS, caaahhhhhhman…

  15. Miska T

    I love these pictures! First time I’m really excited about photographic art, or visual art what so ever!

    But these photos are very cool!

  16. Richard

    I enjoy the flashback!

  17. CeeCee

    Unique idea….

    But is the artist really that talented?!?

    I think having the pictures is half the job… I’d like to try to do it better… ^.^

  18. Raads

    @ Betty WW11? we havent had a world war 3 forget ww11! :D

  19. Wendy Merron

    You have an amazingly powerful series of photographs. I’d love to see a book with other locations too, such as Concentration Camps, US, England….

    Very impressive. Thanks for sharing

  20. Jess

    Simply brilliant. Glad someone did it.

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