Looking Into the Past

Looking Into the Past

Creative photo series by Jason Powell allows you to look into the past while keeping an eye on the present.

Inspired by Michael Hughes’ Souvenirs project, the artist superimposed old photographs onto the modern day locations.

Trick Photography

Old Photo

Cool Photography

Window Into the Past

Photo Into the Past

March on Washington

Clever Photography

Beauty Pageant Winners

Jason Powell

Old House


Historical Images

Congressional Hog Calling

Photo Manipulation

Vintage Photography

Old Photo in Modern Times

For similar projects, check out: Pencil vs Camera and Ghosts of WWII

  1. miggy

    wow very nostalgic

  2. Me

    Images like this freak me out a bit; it’s like seeing ghosts, in a way. Lingering traces of people who once existed in a place, but who are now dead. It’s one thing to know intellectually that people lived/loved/cried/laughed/worked in the exact places you now exist, but it’s kind of an emotional punch in the gut to actually _see_ them doing it, and realize that often, not much has changed except the faces.

  3. Meow

    Amazing…almost unreal.

  4. Elliott

    Nice idea, though it’s been done to death. He could work on his photoshop skills, though. Making the edges of the photos a little rougher and adding some highlights/shading on them would improve the composition.

  5. Kamal

    fantastic, marvelous, creative, perfection…..what you want to heard from me..tell me i am very amazed to saw these images. thanks for upload these pictures…..!

  6. brittany

    i love these!

  7. ran

    brilliant…i always love these kind of photography

  8. Art of Concept

    Cool work! nice!

  9. Pearl Lambie

    Elliot, chill. There always has to be a crank in every crowd!

  10. Waleed

    Is this real?

  11. Jason Lee Smith

    This is one of my favorite posts I’ve ever seen. So nostalgic and cool!

  12. Khurram

    Awesome, stunningly creative…..am so amazed to see the creativity & idea & brilliant composition! Thanks for sharing

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