Paper Art by Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert

Simon Schubert, a talented German artist, uses paper creases and folds to create incredible works of art.

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 2

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 3

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 4

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 5

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 6

Paper Art by Simon Schubert 7

Paper Art by Simon Schubert

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  1. this is brilliant

    this IS brilliant

  2. Duncan


  3. amazing

    WOW WOW WOW!!! that is sooooooooo amazing.

  4. joel

    I came.

  5. artsypapers

    These are soooo cool. Thanks for posting.//

  6. Erin

    this is insanely amazing.

  7. Audie


  8. Bernice

    How? How? How? I want to learn, evolve, and explore!

  9. oi web designer

    cool, is like emboss effect in photoshop

  10. Merlin

    This work is very special. It feels like I’m looking at the ghosts of some forgotten buildings. Great.

  11. Sa

    HOW is it possible!!????

  12. LeonaGaita

    Ghostly, mysterious.

  13. Karen Francis

    Very nicely done, reminds me of rubbing coins through paper when I was a kid, much better executed though! Nice find.

  14. tim

    tis guy is insane!!!!

  15. Alik36


  16. wow

    Art!!! So fantastic Thanks for posting

  17. Lukas...!

    muy bueno!!!!


  18. Grace the Amazed

    Your patience amazes me. I admire the vision you have and the will you possess to share it with the world.

  19. I'm with Joel

    I came, too.

  20. Siham

    That is genius….

  21. make it three

    holy hell that makes my head explode,

    and make it three,

    i came also.

  22. huh


  23. Mohammad Shabaz

    Really nice…!

  24. omg


  25. Escuro

    Lol, anything is art these days.

  26. Laurie V

    LOVE it!!!

  27. Cindy

    OMG… this is crazy

  28. Henry

    Amazing.. It’s amazing the sort of depth that can be portrayed. Such a skill!

  29. Piyush

    Amazing….i dnt have words to express really…
    would love to watch to watch this artist work…!
    How did he make these!!?

  30. JK

    Wow, this is amazing. Sad that it has got even less diggs than the comments on this page.

  31. meex

    this is amazing. like. whoa.

  32. mniya

    wow awesome work !
    heads up for the artist keep it up !

  33. cambilis

    woah! never seen anything like this!

  34. anon


  35. Shanna

    I would like to see that being created. Lines are very exact, how does he measure and fold?

  36. Kevin Yuen (knyuen)

    Amazing! I would like to see if there is a Youtube video showing how to fold the paper.

  37. Angel Mass

    Its refreshing to see some talent among all this mess :)

  38. Dr.

    Looks like marching on the trail of tears.

  39. Arjun

    I wonder how he started out. Taken some toilet paper and seen weird foldings, then an epiphany, then years of practice, and then an awesome entry at StumbleUpon! Brilliant!!

  40. lesliewyn

    Cannot believe how many criticisms there are of this artist’s work. In the intro it says “Simon Schubert, a talented German artist, uses paper creases and folds to create incredible works of art.” That’s how he does it! IT’s so amazing, congratulations!

  41. gotti

    insane…can’t believe it !!

  42. meder

    looks like watermarks, with ordinary interiors
    what’s so amazing and super new :)

  43. Pete Lewis


    I’m overcome with jealously. Great to see such original and beautiful work.

  44. Friday

    I got wood…

  45. Lupus W


  46. Paloma Peglow

    Very Good!

  47. André

    Bicho isso eh muito loco

  48. vika

    wall,how this man can do it??
    is fantastic ,i love it!!!!!!!!

  49. Andreza


  50. Larissa


  51. pabliton

    OMG OMG OMG…. god is back.. and her new name is Simon Schubert..

    INCREDIBLE.. this is a dream!?!?

  52. yo

    I am way, way, way impressed.

  53. tracie

    wow..amazing work, very ghostly

  54. AgentDrumond

    AMAZING! I love it!!!!!! It’s terrific!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best…wow

  55. thiagoP

    éé sou brasileiroo

  56. thiagoP

    i´m from brazil

  57. hilmi


  58. Brandy

    Truely Amazing. This Would Take So Much Time. Just Truely Lovely<3

  59. b.m.d

    what is amazing?
    its a siple prssing and folding techique
    !its not art!

    Jen Stark
    Kako Uedo
    Peter Callesen

  60. shubho

    WOW,its too cool,and mind blowing.i am from kolkata(india).i want to do this but…HOW. can u teach me?

  61. kathy

    fanflippin’tastic…..but….I am skeptical on method. would LOVE to see demonstration!

  62. Beth

    Just beautiful!!!!!

  63. Melanie

    Totally putting this in my studio folder…

  64. brit

    breath taking no words to explain this magnificent work of art

  65. renee

    Hello. This art work is awesome. How can I reach the artist to produce an art piece for my home?


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