Modern Hill House in California

Modern Hill House in Los Angeles

Unique house, designed by Johnston Marklee back in 2004, is located on a beautiful hillside in the Pacific Palisades district of Los Angeles.

Creative shape of the building helped maximize the volume permitted by the zoning code and provides stunning views from the windows.

Modern Hill House in LA

Hill House

Hill House Interior

Modern Hill House Interior

Hillside House

Hill House in LA

Modern Hill House

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  1. Pete

    Interesting design. I’m not much on the stark modern look, but the execution here is flawless.

    Surprised that modestly sized house takes three air conditioners, but I guess it *is* LA :)

    Actually, it’s 3300 square feet according to the article. These photos certainly make it look smaller than that. Definitely check the source for lots of other interesting photos.

  2. Zunny

    Ugghh Looks extremely sterile, hard & I am sure noisy.
    No warmth, no character, no soul- beware architects armed with only a straightedge.

  3. priyanka

    love to live here….:)

  4. Fillibert

    ARRRGGGGGGG!!!! Architects hate window cleaners. Only way to wash them is to rappel down. But guess what, white walls means super easy to scuff them. White walls also become gray walls from dirt and pollution. Can’t believe they don’t think of simple things like that

  5. Raads

    LOL @ Fillibert

  6. Kirvi_Inci

    The inside is nice, but the outside is rather unappealing. Then again, I like my houses with some color and character.

  7. Zino

    Love the house, very clever design… but the color is WRONG. As noted above, it looks sterile, heartless, soulless, etc.

    I’d recommend a warm desert sand color, taken from the landscape, so it might look a bit more organic.

  8. lea

    The house is only white because its is not currently being lived in if you owned the house you can paint it. Almost all houses when they are first built are white. Every time this site buts up a house its white stop complaining about the color and look past that at the design this house would be super cool and when who ever moves in it will have it will have a soul, heart and not be sterile.

  9. Zino

    @lea… since when is color not a design consideration?

  10. Karin L.


  11. Dysthe

    A nice beige color would’ve been warmer and matched those beautiful steps. Green would’ve blended with the trees. A gray would’ve been less grating and more modern (but wouldn’t have blended in with the surrounding neighborhood).

    The white’s cheap and will age the house rapidly.

  12. James Ward

    In the last shot, it looks like the head of George Jetson’s robot ‘Rosie’ got lopped off and stuck on a hill – Probably when she went to turn off Astro’s crazy doggie treadmill. OK…if your under 30 you probably don’t know what the heck I am talking about.

  13. Kirvi_Inci

    @James Ward: I see wat you mean! lol

    “OK…if your under 30 you probably don’t know what the heck I am talking about.”

    Actually we would! Don’t forget they came out with Jetson’s movie in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Back then they actually showed good entertainment on TV. :D

  14. jules

    it looks like a face…which totally ruins all seriousness of the architecture :)

  15. vlad

    It’s actually very interesting, from the first look i though it was upside down house.
    I don’t agree with people who say “oh it’s so sterile, soul-less and boring.” For me it has a very bold and clear statement “own not more than you need,” and this house speaks minimalism very well. I admire such bold work.

  16. d0rn

    The point of the house being white is to comliment and enhance the beauty of it’s natrual context.

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