Old Teddy Bears

Old Teddy Bears

Heartwarming photos of beloved stuffed toys and old teddy bears captured by Ireland based photographer Mark Nixon.

MuchLoved is an ongoing photo project that showcases dearly loved and cherished teddy bears from all over the world. You can even contact the photographer and ask him to photograph your teddy bear.

Aloysius [age 55]

Old Teddy Bear

Teddy [age 22]

Teddy Bears

Teddy Tingley [age 45]

Teddy Bear

Ted [age 43]

Old Bears

Old Bear

Teddy [age unknown]

Old Stuffed Toy

Louis [age 42]

Old Toys

Teddy [age 15]

Old Toy

Brownie [age 30]

MuchLoved Teddy Bears

Teddy [age 50]

Old Stuffed Bears

Ted [age 20]

Old Stuffed Toys

Teddy Gilligan [age unknown]

Old Stuffed Bear

Teddy Moore [age 43]

Mark Nixon

Teddy [age unknown]

Stuffed Toy

Teddy [age 51]

MuchLoved by Mark Nixon

Bobo [age 34]

Stuffed Bear

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  1. LOL

    why do they all look so creepy?

  2. Larna

    ewww…i wouldnt want my 20 year old scary teddy to be photographed..yikes

  3. Habub

    Black ops?

  4. NiDaa

    They look like characters in a scary movie..

  5. Gert

    Looks like Nick Nolti in a lineup….

  6. sae

    They re looks as if alive.

  7. Mark

    Got one just like one of these. Very loved and treasured. I can’t say that these are heart warming images as much as they are Teddy Bears that have been very loved. Can you imagine if these could talk? LOL

  8. doogle

    Isn’t the second teddy (aged 22) the same one from Mr Bean?

  9. Spectator

    Is there a comment about zombie teddy bear just yet? No? Oops

  10. Ru

    Not a lot of imagination going on with the names here. My childhood bear was called Jeremy, although I had a dog called Abigail who got far more worn out. My mum’s old teddy bear is called Fatty, which cracks me up every time she points it out.

    And for everyone saying they look gross or creepy, you’d look just as bad if you were dragged around by a sticky child for a few years!

  11. Mapache

    C’mmon guys! This isn’t creepy.

    I can’t be the only one who thinks this is charming and deeply emotional.

  12. i'm im

    Teddy (age 43) at the back of it, Is that blood?

  13. hala

    just heart aching and super disturbing

  14. Loeilalice

    The bears are beautiful, not disturbing to me one bit. Like the charm of the walls of Venetian buildings. Too bad the photos themselves are not interesting. Perhaps the bears could have been photographed an interesting background/ context. They remind me of photos of industrial products in a catalog.
    And they float.

    Why do people so often separate the photo with the thing photographed?

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