Shoe House in Pennsylvania

Shoe House in Pennsylvania

Unique shoe shaped house, constructed by Mahlon Haines back in 1948, is located in Hallam, Pennsylvania.

The building, modeled after a work shoe, consists of a wooden frame covered with wire lath and cement. [photos via panoramio]

Haines Shoe House

Shoe Shaped Building

Shoe Shaped House

Shoe Building

Shoe House

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  1. connor

    and an old woman lives there?

  2. Ed Hones

    That is insanely cool… I visit Toxel every day to WOW me. This definitely got the job done!

  3. Will

    interior shots?

  4. Art of Concept

    I like it!

  5. James Ward

    Only one foot long! OK that was bad

  6. mona

    It’s really wonderful and apealling! I really like it, good for all those people who have lived there till now!

  7. danje

    and cats inside?

  8. Bajo

    Interior shot is missing :D Don’t wanna imagine inside smells he he…

  9. Julie

    @ james ward

    LOL – yh that was bad haha

    this is really cool but toxel!
    wer the hell are the interior shots
    you have really left us in the dark here!

  10. Raads

    it might just be a model house, maybe they havent done the interior.. i dunno, but it looks cool and its a really cool idea.. only i was wondering why no-one ahad thought of it before..

  11. Catherine

    That’s crazy.

  12. Joe

    I live about 1 mile from the place. And the funny part about the old lady, there’s a orphanage 100 feet away from the place. (and a McDonalds another 200 feet away)

  13. ChEeSe

    does the old lady have lots of childeren?????????

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